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Siesta 00 is a commanding officer in charge of the lord Pendragon's Siesta Sisters when they're summoned into a battlefield. While her position calls on her to be the composed and serious-minded leader, she's often far from that, and sometimes has to rough up her subordinates with threats of Pendragon's wrath or being stuck on water and carrots for their irresponsibility. Because of her excessive fighting prowess, she's often considered inhuman and it's not rare for her to be lynched and abused whenever she surrenders on a battlefield, as her many battle scars are proof of.

She makes her first appearance Alliance of the Golden Witch where she's summoned along with her battle sisters Siesta 45 and Siesta 410 to carry out the sacrifices of the First Twilight, and acts as their leader throughout the episode. She also repeats this role in End of the Golden Witch. Besides her role in the visual novels, Siesta 00 also appears in the Ougon Musou Kyoku fighting games where she assists Siesta 410 during some of her special moves.


  • Like all Siesta Sisters she's named after a firearm round, the 00 "buck shot" shotgun shell in her case.

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