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Sigma 0426A aka Sigmund is a the Junior Caretaker in the Great Clock, left in charge during Orvus' absence. He helps Clank during his escape from Dr. Nefarious. He was originally a cleaner bot on Planet Viceron before being selected by Orvus himself to be Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock. After Nefarious' attack in the Great Clock, he showed Clank around, showing him the clock functions and more.

After Orvus' program gave Clank his old scepter, Sigmund showed Clank an old Great Clock video of him and Orvus to teach Clank what the Great Clock really is. The video showed that Sigmund and Orvus actually once gave the Fongoids the power to travel though time, but after only three thousand short years, the Fongoids use of time travel created a time rip that destroyed almost the entire universe, and so Orvus made something that would repair the damage, The Great Clock, built in the center of the universe (give or take 50 feet) the clock would bring temporal normality to the universe. After explaining the rules of the clock, Orvus and Sigmund have tea.

Clank then started asking Sigmund to what happened to the real Orvus, but Sigmund kept saying it was a secret, but when Sigmund put on a recording of Orvus' last message, Clank discovered that something bad must've happened to him, and after Ratchet sent a message to Clank he agreed on opening a time portal, so that Ratchet could travel into the past and fins Orvus. After helping Clank complete his duties as Senior Caretaker, he accompanied Clank in the Orvus Chamber but after hearing Orvus' recording in the Great Clock, he was immobilized along with Clank by Lawrence who had been spying on them this whole time.

After Clank was saved by Ratchet after being kidnapped by Lawrence and then given to Cassiopeia, who was killed by Ratchet, he helped Ratchet & Clank by creating a time portal for them so they could go into the past. Later, Alister Azimuth attempted to access the Orvus Chamber and turn back time, prompting Sigmund to try and stop him. He managed to land of few hits on the general before being thrown back by an energy blast. After the battle Sigmund was promoted Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock by Clank, who had chosen to leave the clock, and go with Ratchet. He is voiced by Nolan North.

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