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"Roaming" Sigourney is Deadly Premonition's most direct homage/ripoff of Twin Peaks, specifically to "the Log Lady", an eccentric loner in the town of Twin Peaks who carries a small log with her at all times and which she is obsessed with to an unhealthy level. Similarly, Sigourney is commonly referred to as the Pot Lady, as she carries a cooking pot with her everywhere she goes, and constantly frets about it getting cold. It is unknown if there is actually anything in the pot; she claims that there is, but refuses to tell anyone what that is, and no one has ever seen her open it.

It is revealed by semi-senile hotel owner Polly Oxford that Sigourney was a total hottie in her youth, winning a "Miss Greenvale" beauty pageant and beating Polly herself.

There are several side quests in the game where York is tasked with driving Sigourney to her house from wherever she happens to be, before the contents of her pot get cold. Every time she gives York some sort of reward (usually trading cards), and says that she will tell York what the contents of her pot are. However, in a rather anticlimactic twist, she never actually tells York what is in the pot.

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