Buy Silent Hill: HD collection or Silent Hill PS2 Original's?

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I've read some coverage on the HD release and it's seems to have disappointed many. So what do you guys think I should buy, baring in mind the originals can be bought in total for considerably less, but the HD collection is up-ressed?

Unfortunately they seem to have reportedly made a bad port, fog missing that originally helped create a lot of the tension.

I have no experience in these games outside of the movie, and some of you may bwark at that but I thought it wasn't the best movie in the world and even so I still enjoyed watching it.

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I have them on PC from the original releases. 
I'm still not sure if I need to get the HD remakes as they look better on PC then the original console versions did (not that that matters but as this would be the only reason to get them or just because you dont have them). 
Don't get me wrong, i have the originals on consoles too (speaking just in terms of SH 1-4), and they work fine and are not less quality then their PC counterparts (2-4). I am curious, though, what the re-releases are like and just being a fan I may just get them just to check it out. No real reason though haha.

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I'm playing SH2 on pc for the first time. Works great but I think James' voice is too calm and corny.

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PS2 originals.

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originals. (if you want higher rez, go with the PC versions)

also: no apostrophe on plurals. it makes no sense :)

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@BasketSnake said:

I'm playing SH2 on pc for the first time. Works great but I think James' voice is too calm and corny. DO NOT want to upset Guy Cihi

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How many of these threads are there now?

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Originals. The end.

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I always felt that Silent Hill should look as shitty as possible. Pump up the film grain and play it on a toaster or something. HD defeats the purpose.

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@TorMasturba: Not sure if this is relevant to you anymore, but it kinda depends if you're playing them on a PS2 or a backwards compatible PS3.

I got weird graphical issues playing Silent Hill 2 on my old PS3, where the main character's legs would disappear when they shouldn't. Got really weird. I want to recall other minor graphical annoyances as well. None of these issues that I can remember when playing on my PS2.

That said, I hear the fog doesn't look that great in the HD version. Lesser of two evils, eh?

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