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What was the deal with the invisible creature in the prison section of Silent HIll 2?

What does that represent in James in your opinion?

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well this forum is DEAD. You posted this over a year ago XD
but anyway, I came to the SH2 forum looking for a conversation, so...
Yeah, the invisible monster in the prison always sort of freaked me out a little. And it's kinda weird that James is able to kill him. But what does it represent in James? Hmm...well, it could be like a representation of James' sins, since it's locked away and no one can see it, if that makes sense. That's my guess, at least. But, then again, isn't that what Pyramid Head is? Hm...idk. I never thought that much of the prison monster, just a weird little thing. 
And what do you think was the purpose of the newspaper article or whatever in the prison that talked about how there was a boat in the lake that sunk and none of the bodies were ever found? Do you think it was just something that was there to scare you a little? Or do you think it actually had meaning? I could never figure that one out...

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