Urg! Help....anyone?

#1 Posted by Agent47 (1931 posts) -

I finally got around to getting SH2 and I was doing fine up until now.I have ran all over Silent Hill and I don't what to do!I am so lost.I have already seen Pyramid Head rape those mannquiens, and Ed throw up.I have reached the courtyard with the courtyard key....and that's it.I have no clues or indication of where to go to next.Could someone help me out here?

#2 Posted by The_Painted (183 posts) -

Have you done the coin puzzle yet?

#3 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

Look up a walkthrough on YouTube or something like that maybe? That's what I usually do in situations like that.

#4 Posted by Agent47 (1931 posts) -
@The_Painted: I have seen it but don't know what to do.
#5 Posted by The_Painted (183 posts) -
@Agent47:  Okay. You're going to need three coins to do it properly. There is one in the stroller in the pool that is in the courtyard, there's one in the room with the big mirror where you run into someone again, and there is one in the garbage chute near the entrance of the apartments after you clear the blockage in it a few floors up. Find all of those coins, then head back to the room, read the riddle, and try to place the coins properly. When you get it right, the case that the puzzle was on will open up and you'll get the key that you need to progress.

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