Worth playing multiple Playthroughs for the Endings?

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So I just beat it for the first time tonight, couple days shy of finishing it before Halloween but whatever, and ended up with the "In Water" ending...not the one I was going for, nor did I even release I was giving off the vibe of suicidal tendencies. Anyways I kinda want to check out the other 2 main endings, specifically the Maria one. Is it worth it? Does the game change with my decisions or is it just the ending that is really the only difference? If that is the case then I'll just stick with my goal of playing a SH game every Halloween and go for one of the other endings in a year.

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I got the same ending when I first played the game. If I remember correctly, it doesn't really change at all if you go for another ending. Depending on which ending you are going for, the only thing that will really change is the dialogue between you and the final boss and the identity of it. It's still the same boss fight Also, on your second playthrough there are some extra items that you can get, special weapons depending on your rank of the last playthrough, secret items to get another ending and extra options but that's about it.

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You haven't lived until you have experienced the "Dog" ending.

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@Icicle7x3: More interested in the UFO one

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You could just watch them on youtube.

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@Icicle7x3 said:

You haven't lived until you have experienced the "Dog" ending.


I played through the game on the first Xbox and got all the endings including the Dog ending. I did it because I LOVED that game and still do. If you don't have the time to do it though, YouTube is your next best option.

In my opinion, the In Water ending is my favorite.

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I think the leave ending is the most fulfilling. Also, overdose delusion.

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Considering you can beat it in under 4 hours if you know what you're doing it's not "not" worth it.

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You live in a world where all of those endings are a few keystrokes away. Then again, I dunno. Does Silent Hill give you a rocket launcher if you beat it in under 3 hours?

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@ArbitraryWater: Chainsaw better than a rocket launcher?

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@TheUnsavedHero agreed. In Water ending is the most tonally appropriate. James came to Silent Hill to kill himself with his dead wife in the car. The entire game serving as his last penance and the sparks of his drowning mind erupting. For a series inspired by Jacob's Ladder, this was the most appropriate ending, and goes about it even better than that movie did (and far better than Silent Hill 1). It's not fear of the unknown, it's conscious repression and fear of the known. Angela and Eddie's ends reinforce it; violence and suffering in equal regard. James is suffering from violence to alleviate suffering, it only follows that he do the same for himself.

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