Why Is Silent Hill 3 Cost This Much

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So, I was browsing through my wishlist of games on Amazon and when I came across Silent Hill 3 I had to do a double take. Look at the price! Does anyone know of a reason why it would be selling for this much?

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Its because its rare. Most rare games get marked up. Until the XBLA release, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 was a solid 80 bucks

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P.S. My English is FANTASTIC on the title...

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@bizsumpark182 said:
" P.S. My English is FANTASTIC on the title... "
Yeah, haha, I read the title and was like "Ohh Fuck, not another Nazi" and then was totally dumbfounded by how clean and punctuated the post was.
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It doesn't go for that much on eBay -- a solid 15-20 bucks. That price is just another crazy Amazon merchant, or has a sealed copy.

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I payed $45 for it in 2008*. I hate spending that much on games, which is why I love when Steam and Gog get the oldies I want. I hope Grim Fandango appears on one of those services soon for $10 or $15.
*I only buy new and sealed games.
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Is this new or used? 

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hahahaahaha fantastic topic title.

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I was worried you were that king_martin guy for a second.

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that's million bucks

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@Fezz said:
" Is this new or used?  "
That would be the new price. If you look closely you'll see they have 28 used starting at $19.52. 
The only people that would pay that much for a new copy are collectors who will never play it. Honestly, it's stupid to pay that much for an old game if you just want to play it. You're better off hitting up Ebay or finding a used copy that works for cheap.
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When I saw the title I just had to click it. Then I saw that the post was perfectly normal and I was dissappointed.

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Holy Shit it's that much I should sell my copy.

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It's getting harder to find, meaning the price will increase with time.

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Ebay might be a better spot, but then again, if it really is rare, maybe not.

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I just personally don't see the game being that rare. And I'm sorry to disappoint everyone with my decent writing skills.

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I knew I should've bought that game 2 years ago when it was nearly half that price. Same goes for Super Mario RPG which is in the same boat, except I've seen prices for the latter that reach into the hundreds.
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Well, at least you got the post itself right lol. ;)
I have a bunch of rare games that I have sold that got me a good amount of money, almost at or more than the price I bought it at. If you have any old Gamecube Mario Party games lying around, you can get upwards of $25 for each one today, even at Gamestop. This game is another example, albeit a bit more.

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