So i didn't like homecomeing. Would i not like this game?

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So i loved silent hill 1-4 and playing the hd collection (as shotty as that port may be) reminded me just how much i loved this series and would really want to try and get back into it. However the last game homecomeing didn't keep my interest at all so i was wondering if this was any better then that or if they managed to make a much better game this time? Just wondering if anyone who has played both games can give me some insight on how similar they are?

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I've played through both. I think they are very very different games.

That being... Homecoming was mediocre and Downpour is a good entry in the SH franchise. I thought it was pretty good start to finish with a couple of issues that hold it back a little. (that's my extremely short review)

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Downpour has more in common with Shattered Memories than Homecoming, and even then it's still mostly its own thing. What it does have in common with Homecoming it does much, much better.

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Yes, play this game if you are short on cash at least give it a rent. This is one of the better Silent Hill games we've seen in the last couple of years, don't go with the highest expectations, and you'll probably like the game.

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