Thoughts on Daniel Licht?

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I had missed that Daniel Licht apparently will be making the soundtrack for this the upcoming Silent Hill game, and I'm not quite sure how this'll turn out...
I really love most of his compositions for Dexter, especially Blood Theme, which still sends shivers down my spine with the simple and soft yet heavy bass tones combined with the slightly-but-not-really dissonant high-pitched scrapings, but Yamaoka has some quite large shoes to fill. 
What I consider to be vital to the Silent Hill experience is what I can't really put into better words than "overwhelming terror-inducing industrial attack on a subtle ambient level", and most of Licht's work have been more... Beautiful, in a bad way, but not in a bad way. Not sure if everyone is following me...
I do, however, suspect that the musical style might change a lot through this, not necessarily for the worse, but I'm still a bit worried about how the atmosphere will turn out. 
Does anyone have any thoughts or exclamations on this?

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I only learned about the change in composer today and my first impression is a lot like yours. I feel that Yamaoka is in part the 'soul' of Silent Hill and I'm afraid the game might loose a lot of it's traditional atmosphere. I have all the SH soundtracks and love them to bits. Yamaoka's style is unique and reflects the different emotions in SH perfectly. The other thing that worries me is that Yamaoka used to consult the new developers that made the SH games after Team Silent. Now that he left Konami, I guess the developers do whatever they want. I could go both ways.
I'll try to not judge Licht before I have heard any of his work for the game, though. The question is if he'll try to simply copy Yamaoka or do something completely different.

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While I love Licht's work on Dexter, I don't think I know anything else from the guy... at least from the top of my head.
Also, at this point Yamaoka is pretty much almost a synonym to the Silent Hill franchise, so yeah... I'm no so sure about this. But I won't (and can't) make a judgement before I actually hear Downpour's OST.

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I'm sure Dan will do a good job. As I said on another topic, I just hope Akira comes back for another Silent Hill OST...

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