Seriously...where's the rifle?! SH:H!

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Can't find the damn rifle in Silent Hill: Homecoming...I really did look...anyone know?

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As soon as you get to Silent Hill and make your way up to the main road, you'll notice across the street is a hole in the wall. Head through it and you'll be in the cemetery. Inside is a statue of Janus. On the statue there are two impressions where gems can be placed. You'll need to find the turqoise and garnet gems. I've been told that the locations are random, So I'll list the locations of each jem. The first sits on a bench right inside the entrance to the cemetery. The next is past a wall on the other side of the cemetery (accesible from the Sagan st. entrance opposite the prison) that you must breach with the axe. The last gem is found inside the Toluca office building that connects to the power plant. It's inside a sink next to the save point. Once you have the garnet and turqoise, return to the statue and place them in it. You will receive a key to the only locked gate in the cemetery. Head to that area to collect the rifle.

by madcap1 and ThePumpkinKing
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For PS3 on normal (Not sure about the other modes) it is in room 113 after the Prison's Church.

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