Any non-commentated HD video walkthroughs floating around yet?

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I found one walkthrough video by this youtube user "Dracula" which were very nice HD quality, but unfortunately he felt the need to commentate over the game with his annoying adolescent voice, which screwed up an otherwise perfect game walkthrough (really, just use the freakin annotations feature). Anyone know of any high quality, non-commentated walkthroughs? Unfortunately, I don't have a Wii, and since this game is more an interactive horror flick than an outright game, I figured I'd just watch it instead of playing it. Don't tease me, I did the same thing with MGS4 (damn PS3 exclusives) and it was totally worth it.
Also, there should be an endurance run for this game. Played by Brad. Just saying.

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I'm with you. 
That xDraculablahblah-dude's voice is frickin' annoying, especially with a game like SH: SM. 
He ruins the creepy atmosphere. 
There will be other playthroughs, off course. 
Be patient. 
The game has been out for just a few days.
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I'm watching someone play the game on right now. There's a little talking, but it's minimal. The only problem is, I came in a few hours into the game. I'm sure there will be archives, or other people playing it over the next few days.

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ShotMyEyeOut1 on YouTube has a complete walkthrough as well, but the quality is so-so.
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@AndrewB said:
"I'm watching someone play the game on right now. There's a little talking, but it's minimal. The only problem is, I came in a few hours into the game. I'm sure there will be archives, or other people playing it over the next few days. "

Wow, dude, thank you for this one. 
Do you know of more live-broadcasting sites?
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Rent a Wii. It's worth it if just for this game.

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Should you still need it, this walkthrough's Pretty good...... .
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Eh, it's a video game. Go play it.

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@jmrwacko: You basically described a Let's Play.
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@Al3xand3r said:
" Eh, it's a video game. Go play it. "

Release it for PC.
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It's coming out for PS2 in January. Everyone has one of those.

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PS2 and Wii versions are coming out on the same day in Europe. I wonder if there might be a reason to pick up the former over the latter....probably not.
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Eh, having played it I would strongly advise you not to watch someone play it, but play it yourself. The way the game assesses you and tweaks itself depending on your personality and gameplay decisions is not a gimmick, but heavily impressive.
 I have seen the first half of the game from three different perspectives now, one of which was my own, and it is simply amazing how many minor and major changes there are depending on who is playing how. 

  • For example, how much you look characters in the eyes during conversations will change some of the environments. Players who avoid eye contact and looking closely at other characters will at some point encounter a gutted, bloody bear in one of the rooms, staring at the character when they open a door and look through; other players might just see a normal, stuffed bear trophy standing around. 
  •  Another example: There is one character who tells you that she "always falls for guys who look like her father". However, your playing style will influence which character says that.
  •  Dr. K will guess how you would like to die. 
  •  There are very different versions for almost EVERY phonecall, voice- and text message you receive.
  • Color and lighting of many rooms, furniture and posters, as well as which rooms and paths are even accessible to you will depend on what the game thinks of you.
There are many more things. The way the game changes itself based on player assessment, as well as the final summary of "who you are" at the end of the game add a whole new level of creepy.
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I don't think his voice is THAT annoying, but even so, commentary doesn't really work for a game like this anyway.

Like the above poster, I'd recommend playing it yourself, since it's based around assessing your personality.

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Not to mention that apparently, the game tries to guess which version of the characters you would find the most attractive.

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Commentaries are entertaining. If you want to go through the game without any commentary, buy it and play it.

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