Anyone play both PS2 and Wii versions?

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So my Wii is busted at the moment and I am about to just break down and get this for my PS2, I'm sure the experience is more tailored for the Wii, but is the anything lost in the port?

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Played my friends Wii version and bought the PS2 version the next day and the only major difference I noticed is the obvious lack of a wiimote. There is one thing I can't fully explain: The door opening animation stutters for maybe half a second, mainly when transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments, but it hardly caused any trouble.  The PS2 version also costs less so if you're short on cash that might be a good option. 
That being said, if you can wait for your Wii to be fixed, I suggest you get that. It is, without a doubt, the best version.

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Oh, interesting. I didn't expect the PS2 version to look noticably worse. It seems like they scaled down drawing distance, texture size, some effects (mirroring) and de-polyd some of the environments. 
Still looks very much like the same game minus the awesome controls, though.

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I'm getting a PS2 pretty much for Silent Hill games and all of the love for this game really made me excited.

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He gets scared about nothing in the PS2 version.

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