Do you think this game will be good in the PS2 and PSP versions?

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third option should be i dont know

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I doubt it, it looks like its tailored for the wii especially with some of the puzzles and the free-movement with the flashlight. Using the analog sticks will greatly hinder the flexibility i'd say.
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I see no real reason why they should be lesser than the Wii version if the controls are implemented well... The PS2 and PSP versions will lack the feel and atmosphere the Wii controls generate (-flashlight etc), but it shouldn't mean the games are considerably lesser, unless something is poorly done.

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Hell if I know, considering that the PSP version is apparently pretty different and the PS2 version is a port of that.

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I think they will be fine but the Wii version will be better.

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Also i prefer a pad to the controller of the wii.

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The flashlight controls in the psp version wouldn't be as robust

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Those are port-ups, so I'm sure it'll look just fine.

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I'm sure it'll still be a decent, if not good game.
But obviously the flagship version of this game is for the Wii- that'll be the one which will show off all the detailed assets & stuff.

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Will it be good on the PS2 and PSP versions? Considering this game's appeal comes mainly from the script and storytelling and these should be completely intact with these versions, yes of course it will be good
Will it be as good as the Wii version?  Most probably not. When Eurogamer of all sites mentions emotionally and interactively important and clever implementation of the Wii's controller, then there must be something to it; and this may or may not be one of the few games that actually use what power the Wii supposedly has above all last-gen consoles. 
However, as a huge portion of the Silent Hill fanbase will be playing this on the Sony consoles, I do think they will make damn sure those ports are as good as they can be. 

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It'll probably be kinda boring. I'd say some of the appeal will be with the wii  controls. Wii games stripped of their gimmicks rarely, if ever stand on their own legs. 
What I wanna know is when they'll give up on the PS2... I'm surprised people are still buying for it.

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Fundamental mechanics and controls are gimmicks now? I'd love to see how you'd enjoy your favorite (new) FPS games if we made you play them with a d-pad and 4 buttons. Would you consider that the game is bad and doesn't stand on its own without a dual analog console's gimmicks? Lol.

Anyway, what Meo said. The puzzles themselves should work ok since from what I've seen they still give you a cursor to control, it will just not be quite as intuitive to control it with the stick as with the Wii remote's pointer, but it's a minor thing. Looking around will be a pain on PSP but should work ok on PS2 with the right stick controlling the camera as it would in an FPS. I suppose you also loose the phone calls and noises coming out of the remote's speaker but that's more like the cherries on top than the core experience. Is the phone included in those versions? It should be...

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^ Yawn.

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Considering this is one of the few games for the Wii where the controls aren't all just gimmicks, I'd say that, sure, the PS2/PSP versions will be fine, but the Wii version will ultimately be the game to get.

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If the game is actually good, then I don't see why it wouldn't be enjoyable on the PS2 or PSP as well.

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It's like Twilight Princess. I played that game on the Gamecube and it was a great experience, but I'm sure it's even more fun on the Wii.

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@Milkman said:
" If the game is actually good, then I don't see why it wouldn't be enjoyable on the PS2 or PSP as well. "
There's a ton of Wiimote-related stuff in the (storytelling of the) game, even besides the fact that a huge portion of the game is looking around with the flashlight and working with your phone. 
Nothing that cannot be remapped somehow, of course, and I'm sure the PSP and PS2 versions will be very enjoyable (it is driven by the story, after all), but now that I have played it for a couple of hours, I have no doubt that the Wii version will end up the clearly superior one. 
(For once ;D)
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@Meowayne: Oh yeah, I don't doubt the Wii version is better. I'm just saying that if the Wii version is not an option that the PS2 should suffice.
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No. Me and the Wii haven't been on very good terms for a while, but Silent Hill: Shattered Memories looks to be a game built from the ground-up to be a fantastically immersive Wii game. Everything from the psychological tests to the cell phone to the puzzles were all made to show off what the Wii-mote can do, and not what a standard controller can.

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Who the heck would buy this for the PSP?  How would the flashlight controls even pretend to work?

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Sony fans are used to playing inferior ports and shouldn't have an issue here.

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i think the flashlight controls and mini games/activities are really wii-specific

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no idea how they gonna do the flash light  and movement on one analog stick on the psp.

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Ok, I've barely scanned through this post and still haven't encountered people asking the same general questions (If they've been said already, don't hate me)- but I guess it warrants posting here instead of posting a new thread.
Basically the Quick Look and recent GOTY video rocked my fucking socks off- I don't own a Wii, but am really after it for the PS2. I don't give a shit about the controls or the degradation in graphics, but does anyone think the psychology aspect or any of the story be compromised in either of the ports? Just wondering because, honestly, if the ports aren't what they are cracked up to be I'm tempted to get a Wii for this (Berate me all you like)

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PS2 - It could be, though I doubt it'll stand up the Wii version
PSP- No. No it won't.

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