Does time affect anything in the game ? (No spoilers)

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I am starting to notice alot of signs and stuff for places and they mention opening times like for example the toluca mall says something about opening form 10am to 9pm. 
does this mean anythin in real life time ? like this place woudl only be open in game is real life time is 10am to 9pm ? 
im actually tempted to stop playing just now and wait and see as its just after 8pm :D 
Im starting to think this game could be one of ,if not the best game of the year as its really making me think and making me think im  going crazy. 
Everything you see and do you keep wondering "what if i do/dont do that instead ?" 
Theres one tiny little bit for example. I opend a chemical cupboard type thing and nothing was inside it but a safety sign at the back said something like close when not in use or something. I closed it and wonder if it affected what happend next in anyway ? will have to remember next time to leave it open :D 
Anyway my original question was about the time thing ?

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