Game worth a purchase?

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My aunt gave me a $25 gamestop gift card for christmas (even though i specifically asked for 'please no gamestop gift cards') and trying to decide between using it toward uncharted 2, or shattered memories.
I've played through uncharted 2. Twice actually when I got it in from Gamefly, and I definitely think it deserves a purchase down the line.  But at the same time I also haven't bought a Wii game since Smash Bros. Brawl cause I hadn't seen anything as of recent worth buying (cause I'm on a college student budget and can't afford to buy many games, so wii games usually fall lower on the list of things to buy).
Is this worth a purchase:
-for playing with people as a social thing?
-for replay value? (I think i know the answer to this one though)
-in general for a good experience worthy of paying $50?
I just wanted to get you guys' opinions.

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Well YEAH it did win Wii game of the year.

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no it is absolute shite that's why it is the Wii Game of the Year

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 -for playing with people as a social thing? 

Shattered Memories is great for watching someone playing it, but company will very quickly destroy the game's mood, impact and atmosphere.  You also have to keep in mind that you will be asked several personal questions during the psych sessions, and not answering them truthfully will diminish your experience with the game.

-for replay value? (I think i know the answer to this one though) 

Without a doubt yes. There's at least two playthroughs in there, can't imagine anyone only going through once.

-in general for a good experience worthy of paying $50?  

Yes, but only if you value script, story and storytelling.
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@Meowayne: Thank you for actually answering some of my questions
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Uncharted 2 is exactly what you expect it to be and delivers it in a long, epic way heavy on badassery and explosions.
Shattered Memories will surprise and engage you, and deliver something unique and captivating. 
I don't think you can really go wrong here, but I would say buy Shattered Memories and if you don't feel like you got your money's worth, sell it while copies are still rare and get Uncharted 2. :)

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i say yes to all 3 points

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I really want Shattered Memories - have followed in since Brad seemingly loved it at E3. But for some reason, Silent Hill games ALWAYS get delayed when coming to Europe. Does anyone know why?
Amazon have it down as 12th Feb here. Want it now.

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I don't have a working Wii, so I decided to go read up about this big twist ending that the game supposedly has. 
Now...I wish I had a working Wii.

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This website voted it the best Wii game of the year... so yeah.

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I might pick up the black version of the Wii soon for my wife, so i'm definitely interested in this game too.

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Haven't purchased the game yet but I have read enough reviews and seen enough gameplay videos that show the awesomeness of this video game.  After I finish other games on the Wii, this game will be the first thing I purchase.
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The game is really good.  It is the game that brought me back to the Wii.  The gameplay was a little clunky during some of the chase sequences and the chase sequences are a big part of the game, so that is a big hit against it.  But, even with the clunky controls, the replayability, psychoanalysis, and amazing story makes this a game you really should play.  Rent it if you must, but I bought it, played through it once and I'm not on my second playthrough. 
You really should read the review of the game and find out about the different endings and even the different outfits your guys puts on depending on how you are playing the game up to a certain point.   It's a very mature game with mature themes, so if you like more light hearted stuff, look elsewhere.

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My fiance and I played this game together, I didn't think it destroyed the mood at all. In fact one part of the game, the first haunted object, caused my fiance to jump off the couch and drop the Wii remote. The lack of combat actually added to the intensity for me. If an enemy finds you your only options are run your ass off or die!

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