INTENSE noise over cutscenes (no spoilers)

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I just finished this game a few hours ago.  I booted it up after about three weeks of not playing.  Did the bridge part and could not stop until it was all over.  Fantastic game, and man, that got hella Silent Hill much to my pleasure. 
Anyway, this post is about a strange phenomenon that I have just spent 15 minutes googling to no result.  About half a dozen times, during cutscenes, the dialogue would be obscured with a near deafening blast of noise.  I took the whole thing in stride, figuring it was just a clever mindgame with the player (possibly obscuring lines that would be too much for the protagonist to handle?). 
I can't find any evidence of this happening to anyone else.  I even youtube'd cutscenes where I remember it happening, and the lines were delivered cleanly.  So has this happened to anyone else here?  Did I have a defective copy, or did I just experience a very rare phyche-trick of the game?

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@Roomrunner: I never had that happen during cutscenes. Do you mean it was a blast of noise from the tv, or the wii remote?
A couple of times during my game, when I was looking for one of those things that makes the noise louder in the wii-remote the closer you get, it would suddenly go to max static and moaning and just stay there until I left the room.  Creeped the hell out of me...
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It was coming out of the TV, and was a different tone than the wii speaker noise when searching for artifacts in-game.  It was even happening in the therapist's office. I'm hoping it was intentional, because the three times I can recall it happening in detail were 
1 - one of the times when the shrink spoke about sex.
2 - when the shrink spoke about marriage.
3 -  at the lighthouse when the Cybil tells Harry what she discovered in his file.  
It happened a few other times but those are the only I made a mental note of.

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Damn, that is creepy. I would look into FAQs and see if anyone has documented this.

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Whether that's an intended part of the game or not it's kinda awesome that happened.

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It happened to me a bunch. When the psychiatrist is talking.
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I'm trying to play the PS2 version of this game right now, but the deafening static noise makes it virtually unplayable. It plays over the opening cutscene, the psychiatrist, everything. 

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