Should I get Origins if I enjoyed this one?

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Silent Hill: 0rigins  

I'm kind of in a Silent Hill funk now that I finished Shattered Memories and saw this on PSN on my PSP. 14.99 seems like a good deal for this.
I know it's gameplay is way different but I was really into RE2 back on PS1 and this is looking kind of similar. Are there any reasons I shouldn't get this?
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It's OK, though I recommend tracking down Silent Hill 2 first. Best in the series.

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@Darkstar614: I disliked origins and loved this one.
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Hm okay, Silent Hill 2 looks pretty awesome as well. Looking at Amazon they sure do want a lot for new copies, $50 for Greatest hits and $145 for non-greatest hits version(whoa). I'll have to check my local Gamestop tomorrow and see if they got a used one. I'm not exactly keen on ordering a used one from Amazon, because I don't feel like trying to send it back if it's too scratched or something.

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@AltonBrown said:
" It's OK, though I recommend tracking down Silent Hill 2 first. Best in the series. "
What he said regarding Silent Hill 2.  Definitely the best.  After that, I'd recommend Silent Hill 3 before Origins.  Silent Hill 4 is kind of weird (it didn't start off as a Silent Hill game, so it plays differently from the earlier games).  And stay the fuck away from Homecoming.
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@Darkstar614: Go with Greatest Hits. There's an additional ending and a sub-scenario.
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@AltonBrown: What really? I've never heard of a Greatest Hits version having any sort of additional content. I'll definitely have to track that one down, along with 3.
Thanks for the replies everyone.
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I'm really interested in this game, but I don't want to pay $50 for it.  I think I will get it when the price drops.

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@JJOR64 said:
" I'm really interested in this game, but I don't want to pay $50 for it.  I think I will get it when the price drops. "
Humorous intent, or just not paying attention to the conversation?  You decide.
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Yeah, 2 is the best in the Silent Hill series and the saddest most depressing game ever made. I played 3 right after it and it was total garbage - weak characters, short length, not enough environments, it didn't have the same amount of heart put into it as 2. It just kinda felt shallow and stale compared to what Silent Hill 2 is. It didn't feel like a full game. I haven't played 4 to say, but I'm getting 5 very very soon. I heard Origins and 5 weren't that great though... (I'm a big enough fan so I'll love 5 anyway.)

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f you have the choice between SH2 and SH:O, it's not even a question. 
Silent Hill 2 is one of the best games ever made.

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No, origins sucks so does homecoming.I lost all hope for sh made by an American dev till i played shattered memories.How they completely changed everything including the gameplay was amazing.

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Don't really understand all the hate for Homecoming; I love that game.

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Get Silent Hill Greatest Hits if you can, if not try Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams, as it has the same bonus as the greatest hits. 
Origins is a good game, but in terms of plot, it's much weaker than SH2. But it has some superb moments, like the first level. 
Four is also nice, with the some of the most life like zombies ever made, a claustrophobic plot about a room, some nice twists, and unlike SH2, the ending is not depressing, but cheerful. 
Five is the weaker, as it doesn't follow the same story as the other ones made by Team Silent. 

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