Would you buy a PSN version with Move support?

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I'm currently catching up on the Silent Hill franchise but don't have a Wii to play Shattered Memories.  I watched this weeks TNT today and realised that Dead Space: Extraction had been ported to PSN with Move support. It would be awesome imo for Shattered Memories to also get a port as I for one would love to play it. 
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No. I don't even have Move, and I'm not a big fan of survivor horror games (aside from more action-oriented ones like Dead Space). 

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If you want to create a poll for game specific boards, just create the poll then move it to so and so forum. Your original post copied and ready to paste as per usual. 
As for Shattered Memories, I really would love to play that game though I'm still not lookin' to invest in buying a MOVE set. If it would still support using the pad I'd download it ASAP.

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@Abyssfull: Will remember to do that in future.
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Ye im kinda hoping they would do that. Would also love to see House Of The Dead Overkill on the ps3 as well.

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Yeah, I got really interested in shattered memories after seeing all of the GB coverage of it. I don't have Move, though.

How much would be a reasonable price? If they could increase the graphics a bit I would pay $15-$20.

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In a heartbeat. What a great idea.

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Probably not, as I already played through the game five times on different platforms. I can't see myself going through again, even with trophies. I also don't think HD visuals would make that game any better or any more impressive. It looks fantastic on a 1080p display, even scaled. 
However I do wish they would do it, simply so that more people can enjoy one of the best games, if not THE best game of 2009.

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Totally! I just got it on Wii and it's fantastic.

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Yes as long as it was only $20 max.

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I would BUY a move to play this

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