What's your favorite Silent Hill soundtrack?

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My favorite Silent Hill game is SH2, but my favourite OST is SH3. What about yours?

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I'd say Yamaoka's compositions improve over time, but my personal favourite is #2.

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It comes down to a tough tie between SH2 and SH3. SH2 has a lot of more variety I think, though SH3 has the mothershittin' 'You're Not Here' <3 Plus there's a lot more of Mary Elizabeth's haunting vocals and melodies across SH3's soundtrack as well, which is always a plus. SH4 and Homecoming still have some solid tracks in there as well, and 'Room of Angels' easily ranks as one of my favourites across the entire franchise. I suppose I'm more inclined to vote for SH3 if I had to, though SH2 is practically up SH3's ass it's such a close second. 
EDIT: I still haven't played Origins or Shattered memories, either, so they never factored towardsm y vote.

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I'd say Silent Hill 2 struck the right balance between industrial noises and actual music. I resent Silent Hill 3 for a lot of things, and the introduction of vocals is one of them. 

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lol d only one i ever play is homecoming so i guess that one. it not seem like such gud game tho :/ which one is the best one and ill give it a try!

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SH3 has the best monstery sounds, but the soundtrack (as released) itself is pretty garbage. I want 5 minute tracks that explore the entire soundscape of each track, it's full of incidental 2 minute sequences. SH2's soundtrack kind of has the same problem, though not to such a degree. I really like the Shattered Memories soundtrack for being mostly 3-4 minute tracks, though I wish they would show you the dynamics every track is designed with.

Best track is still Macabre, from the first 5-10 minutes of the

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Theme of Laura and The Reverse Will...incredible stuff. Silent Hill 2 for sure.

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I really loved Silent Hill 2's soundtrack. In particular, the final boss music, with the metal clanking and the chorus... really cathartic.

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I had the SH3 OST in my regular car circulation for a bit. It wasn't just "good for a videogame" it was good in general. 
These threads always bring the people who have refused to enjoy anything SH since 2 out of the woodwork.

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As much as I adore Silent Hill 2, SH 3 has a better soundtrack.

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Zwei eller tres. Kan nicht really decidir.

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Also, the movie soundtrack is basically a mix of the first 3 game soundtracks. So I might consider that if it were an option.

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3, without a doubt.

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@Atomasist said:

As much as I adore Silent Hill 2, SH 3 has a better soundtrack.

I disagree. SH3's soundtrack is good but it is far from SH2 ost's greatness.

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Dude, I realize few ever played SH4, but just listen to "room of angel" off that soundtrack. Lyrically, one of the best game tracks ever.

Here's a lullaby to close your eyes/ It was always you that I despised/ I don't feel enough for you to cry/ So here's a lullaby to close your eyes, goodbye

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Hard choice between 2 and 3. 
I put my vote with 3 though.

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