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The dark realism and murky atmosphere make this a great game. 4

During the Playstation era of video games, Konami created an array of classic titles for just about every gamer. For the person who loved complex plots and Hollywood production values, there was Metal Gear Solid; for the RPG gamer, there was Suikoden; for the gamer who wanted a good story and fun non-linear gameplay, there was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Silent Hill is no exception; by improving the foundation set by Resident Evil, it became one of the most memorable survival horror game...

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Classically scary... 0

What I remember about this game is the "ringing silence" that still creeps me out...I love scary stuff but I never thought that this game would haunt me for real! I just witnessed this from my cousins house being played by my uncle, and this game was one of his favorites...He told us one day that he tried to play this at midnight, alone in the living room with all lights out and the only thing that was running was his PS and the T.V. with a medium volume...about 2:30am, he heard a scratching sou...

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The survival horror game to die for (almost literary) 0

The review below contains SPOILERSBoy was I in for a surprise when I went looking for a survival horror game to rent one day. I was looking for a Resident Evil type game to play when I found Silent Hill. I never even heard of this game, I didn't even know what kind of game it was, I just found it at a rental store and rented it, suffice to say, I was shocked, pleased, scared, and overwhelmed all at the same time, and I immediately became a fan of Silent Hill and of the series.So I got home, put ...

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The fear of yesteryear still holds up! 0

Nine years after the game came out I completed Silent Hill. I saw all the endings (plus the UFO one) and played through once more with the hyperblaster.Does this game show its age? Definitely. But it's like one of those grandpas that still know how to get out and dance and have fun. It's old and a little frustrating but still brings lots of fun and scares.The play control is frustrating and can reduce your thumb to pulp if you're not careful. However, the graphics still look good and are detaile...

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the true horror lives in this town 0

Introduction: This is the first Silent Hill game to ever be released. For the first time you will travel to the city of Silent Hill, lets just hope you can get out of there...  Gameplay (7/10) The gameplay is hard to get used to, it's similar to the first Resident Evil games and Alone in the Dark, but after you learn how to control the character things will be easier. There's a lot of items that will probably be used later in the game in some puzzle, so you have to explore the entire city.   Sto...

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