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The survival horror game to die for (almost literary)

The review below contains SPOILERS

Boy was I in for a surprise when I went looking for a survival horror game to rent one day. I was looking for a Resident Evil type game to play when I found Silent Hill. I never even heard of this game, I didn't even know what kind of game it was, I just found it at a rental store and rented it, suffice to say, I was shocked, pleased, scared, and overwhelmed all at the same time, and I immediately became a fan of Silent Hill and of the series.

So I got home, put the game into my Playstation and started to play it. The game started in this deserted town that was covered in a thick fog and the sound effects were very good and kind of creepy. I explored the town a bit and soon discovered it was not deserted, it was infested with flying demon things and skinned dogs. I've seen skinned dogs before in videogames, but not those flying demon things. Anyway, your play a man named Harry, who is looking for his daughter Cheryl that ran off after his jeeped crashed because someone walked onto the road in the middle of the night. Harry wakes up and his daughter is missing.

So I continued to find the 3 keys that I needed, and after much exploring and beating demons to death, I finally found all 3 keys. I opened the door, walked outside and it got really, really dark. Thankfully I had found a flashlight in a cafe, so I turned it on a headed for my next (and most feared) destination, the elementary school.

After running from 6 skinned dogs and 5 flying demons, I finally got to the school and went inside. I thought it would be a bit safer than outside, but I was horribly and shockingly wrong. The school was black and I mean black! If you turned off your flashlight, it was like the abyss just swarmed around you with no where to escape, so naturally I kept my flashlight on. The school was scary, very scary. The sounds effects were masterfully done and the music (if you can call that music) was numbing. So I continued to explore the school when my radio went off (you find a radio in the cafe, that emits a static sound when demons are nearby). I looked ahead of me and I could see this small Grey thing in the distance walking towards me. As it got closer it got more and more apparent that it was a child holding a knife....and he was trying to kill me. I have never seen this before in any game and as I shot the child with my gun repeatedly in the head, I couldn't believe I was doing this.

After exploring the school, solving the puzzles and killing children, I finally got to the clock tower. I thought to myself "YES! No more elementary school!!" I found the school to be very scary and I wanted to get out of this level and move on. So I went through the clock tower, went up a ladder then down a ladder on the other side of the clock tower and exited. I thought I exited the school........ As I stepped outside a cut scene started and Harry walked onto this stone tablet on the ground and said "have I been here before?" After the cut scene I looked around and realized I was still at the school, only I sensed something changed. It was raining instead of snowing and the doors leading into the school looked evil. So I walked into the school...I was shocked. It changed dramatically. Gone was the wooden floor and the teal painted walls with children's drawings. The floor was a wire mesh, the walls were covered with blood, chains covered in blood dangled from the ceiling and these wooden benches were along the side of the walls, and the place was infested with the children. I was scared shitless. After 5 minutes of the evil school, I shut the game off, not because I didn't like the game, because I could not take anymore. This is the defining moment for me when it comes to survival horror. The perfect horror game. A true masterpiece, a legend was born in my eyes. I was scared shitless, and I loved it.

After a couple of hours of relief, I made myself trudge through the rest of the evil school, the hospital, the seweres, the amusement park and through the town called Silent Hill. The game had a lasting impact on me. I have yet to find a movie or a game that scares me as much as Silent Hill.

When I play a survival horror game, I compare it to Silent Hill. I have not found any game that matches the scariness or the creepines of Silent Hill and I think I will never find it.

Silent Hill is a masterpiece of horror, a jump into the abyss and my favorite game of the Silent Hill series. It made me want to play games that were scary or disturbing, but none of them matched the feeling of playing Silent Hill.

Do yourself a favor, if you haven't experienced this game, you haven't experienced being scared. Resident Evil is like Sesame Street when compared to Silent Hill. Play this game and enjoy being lost in the wonderment of the eternal abyss.
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