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A kingdom in northern Jugdral governed by a strict monarchy. In the first Holy War, the crusader Sety hailed from this remote region, and became a powerful ally of Saint Heim. After he helped defeat Emperor Galle, he settled in his homeland, and became the first king of Silesia. Silesia was a long time ally of Grandbell, however after Prince Kurth of Barharra was assassinated, Silesia helped the fugitives, and was later occupied by Grandbell.



The first king of Silesia, he is known as the "Wind Warrior". During the Holy War, Sety was visited by the Dragon God Holsety, where he was given great divine power, and the Holsety tome. After the death of Emperor Galle, Sety founded the Kingdom of Silesia, keeping close ties to his Grandbell allies.

King Silesia

The previous King of Silesia, and father of Prince Levin. When Levin was young, King Silesia passed away from an unfortunate illness. This vacuum of power caused his brothers to harass Queen Rahna, and drive Levin to runaway from home.



The wife of King Silesia and mother of Levin, she became regent after her husband passed away. When Lord Sigurd and his army were branded traitors by Grandbell, Queen Rahna allowed Sigurd and his army to reside in Saline Castle, while she negotiated with King Azmur of Grandbell. When her brothers in law finally attempted a coup, Rahna was taken prisoner in her castle while Duke Daccar battled the Grandbell army. After Daccar was defeated, she remained as Queen until her son returned after the Battle of Barharra.



The prince of Silesia and heir to the Holsety tome, he left home after his father passed away. After leaving home, Levin traveled around Jugdral posing as a bard, and met the dancer Sylvia while staying in Agustria. While there, he battled Lord Macbeth's bandit's and came to work for Sigurd, proving to be an invaluable ally. When Sigurd's army arrived in Silesia, the civil war between his mother and his uncles opened his eyes to what it meant to be king. He took the Holsety tome, and united the nation under his house. With Silesia safe, he continued traveling with Sigurd to Grandbell, and battled against Manfroy at the Battle of Barharra. He dies in battle against Manfroy, but comes back to life as a vessel for the spirit of Holsety. He later returned to Silesia as king and became an advisor to Celice years later, but somehow, he seemed like a different person...



A pegasus knight from Silesia, she later became queen of Silesia. When Levin left home, Fury was ordered by her older sister Mahnya to find the missing prince and restore order to the land. She traveled around Jugdral looking for Levin, and went to Agustria when King Chagall sent a tip her way. Chagall told her that Sigurd had taken Levin hostage, and she rushed off to battle the Grandbell army. When she met Levin in battle, he explained to her that she was tricked, and that he would return home with her after he sorted some things out. After Silesia was reunited, Fury married Levin and gave birth to two children, Sety and Fee. After Levin disappeared again, the stress got to Fury and she passed away in Thove.



The prince of Silesia, he was named after the crusader who founded Silesia. After Queen Fury passed away, Sety left Silesia to find his father and make him answer for leaving his family. Along the way, he traveled to Manster and saw the cruel atrocities of the Empire, and created the Magi Squad to fight back. As he fought, he formed an alliance with Prince Leaf of Lenster, and together they managed to defeat King Blume, and liberate Manster. After liberating Manster, Sety joined Celice's army, and helped him defeat Prince Yurius. After the war ended, he said goodbye to his father, and became king.



The princess of Silesia, she became a pegasus knight like her mother before her. When the Grandbell Empire invaded Silesia, Queen Fury moved the royal family of Silesia to the northern dukedom of Thove, and it was there where Fee learned to ride a pegasus. After Sety left Silesia, Fee also left home to find her brother to inherit the throne, however as she traveled, she heard about the Liberation Army being led by Prince Celice, and instead joined with them as they battled King Danna in Isaac.



Fury's older sister, and leader of the Silesian Royal Guard. When news of Sigurd being branded a traitor reached Silesia, Queen Rahna ordered Mahnya to travel to Agustria, and escort Sigurd's army into Silesia. Mahnya arrived in Agustria just in the nick of time, as Prime Minister Reptor and Duke Langbalt arrived to take Sigurd into custody. When Duke Daccar tried to take over Silesia, Mahnya led the Silesian Knights against his army. While they fought on even terms, Daccar had formed an alliance with Grandbell in secret, and Mahnya died fighting against Lord Andre of Jungby.



A minor noble from Silesia, his father also went missing causing him to go on a quest to find his dad. Like a certain somebody, he also traveled to Manster, and helped form the Magi Squad to fight King Blume, and after their victory he joined Celice's Liberation Army. After the war ended, he returned to Silesia to rebuild his homeland.



Hawk's younger sister, she went looking for her brother after he left home. A pegasus knight in training, when she heard about Celice's Liberation Army, she knew that this would be a great place to hone her skills. Some say she has a thing for Lord Amid of Freege...



The younger brother of King Silesia, and uncle to Levin, he has his eyes on the throne. When Queen Rahna was left to rule Silesia after her husband passed away, and her son left home, Daccar began forming an army to invade the capital and seize the throne. When he finally sensed weakness, he sprung his trap and took the capital. Sadly for him, Sigurd's army was in Silesia, and defeated him before he could become king.



The younger brother of King Silesia and Daccar, he helps his older brother seize the capital. On Daccar's order, Maios lured Sigurd away from the capital, buying time for his brother to storm Silesia Castle. His diversion worked, however he was no match for Sigurd and died in battle.



A mercenary hired by Daccar, she leads an all female squad. Known as Lamia the Wicked, she battled against Sigurd's army as they chased after Daccar, she was killed in the battle.



A general serving Daccar, he captured Silesia Castle for his lord. When he saw the civilians fleeing the castle, he ordered his men to kill all of them. Sigurd and his army saved the people, and killed Donovan in Silesia.



A pegasus knight serving Daccar, she views Mahnya as her rival. When Mahnya went out to defend Silesia, Pamela and her squad engaged her in battle. After a long stalemate Pamela and Lord Andre defeated Mahnya, and took Silesia. After Silesia was secured, she tried to take over Thove, but was defeated in battle by Sigurd's army.



A wind mage from Silesia, he is very loyal to Lord Maios. He prepared to ambush Sigurd's army in the forests of Silesia, but was defeated with ease.



A pegasus knight serving Maios, she leads the charge against Saline Castle. Her army was a formidable force, however her pegasus proved to be no match for Sigurd's archers.



Deet'var's daughter, she became a pegasus knight like her mother before her. Raised in an orphanage after her mother was killed in battle, Misha became a mercenary when she was old enough to fight. She was later employed by the Freege army in Manster, and was tasked with defending the Lenster Gate from Prince Leaf's army. After Leaf seized the gate, she was captured and joined his Liberation Army. After the war ended, she liberated Silesia from the Empire, and became leader of the Pegasus Squadron.



A pegasus knight from Silesia, she is a subordinate of Princess Fee. Before Fee left Silesia, she ordered Karin to go find her brother and he bring him back to Silesia. She nearly found him in Manster, but was arrested when she and Fergus got in a fight with some local soldiers. In prison, she met Prince Leaf, and helped him escape to freedom. Impressed by Leaf, she joined his army, believing that she would soon met Sety that way. After the war ended, she returned to Silesia and became a full time soldier in the army.



A knight from Silesia, he soon became a member of the Grandbell Imperial Army. His father was killed in the Silesian Civil War, leading for him to have a grudge against Sigurd's family. When Celice's army invaded Thracia, Musar challenged them in battle, but lost his life in the process. He has some distant relation to the Crusader Sety.

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