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Silicon Beach Software was primarily a Macintosh developer - and their main focus was not on games. The majority of products were multimedia in nature, such as the revision of the old Mac paint program called SuperPaint and a number of image editing programs.

The focus on multimedia made the shift to gaming a natural fit, and their first game, Airborne!, with similar game-play to an Apple II game called Sabotage,  featured relatively detailed graphics and was one of the earliest games to use fully digitized sound effects instead of synthetic beeps and tones.
They later came out with a platform game called Dark Castle, that had the same standards of quality.

Jonathan Gay
The company's tweaks on the Apple-originated Hypercard eventually resulted in programmer Jonathan Gay leaving to found his own company, which would eventually end up back under the same brand as Silicon Beach, which was acquired by Aldus and then Adobe in the mid-90s. Jonathan is best known for creating Flash for Macromedia, which was a direct result of his work on vector graphics and enhancing Hypercard.

In addition to Dark Castle (and Beyond Dark Castle) Silicon Beach also developed a point and click adventure game (Enchanted Scepters) and the following year released a set of tools allowing users to create their own adventure games. They also made 3D helicopter game called Apache Strike, which - along with Beyond Dark Castle - were published by Activision.

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