Silicon Knights Working On A New IP

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Silicon Knights logo, 2008

The creators of Eternal Darkness, Silicon Knights, are currently working on a new IP.  A press release has stated that the studio have been working on a new title known simply as "Siren in the Maelstrom" - an unconfirmed home console project.

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interesting, but the question remains.

(in quality) will it be a too human? or an eternal darkness?
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It's not too surprising after the disaster that was Too Human (I enjoyed the game, but it was nowhere near the level of quality/polish that Dyack made it out to be). Who knows, it may even be a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness...

#4 Posted by cdfishman (259 posts) -

at least its another new IP, rather than a direct sequel. there is some imagination left in them which is great to see.

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I have a feeling it'll be a long while before we see anything concrete from this. But I'm cautiously optimistic none the less.

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I enjoyed Too Human, but it was not what it was set out to be. So  maybe this is a new IP or its Too Human 2, but with a name change, just to get the bad karma away from the series.

But it will be interesting to see what becomes of it, Dyak is a very talented man... he might over promise, but so does Peter Molyneux. And he has disappointed me one time more than Dyaks, so when Dyak speaks i listen.

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