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 Silly Street is a street in Toontown Online that is part of Toontown Central.

Cog Information

 Cog appearance percentages:
  • Bossbot - 25%
  • Lawbot - 25%
  • Sellbot - 25%
  • Cashbot - 25%
Cog Maximums 
  • Street Level Cog - Level 3
  • Maximum Cog Building Stories - 3 Stories
  • Maximum Cog Building Cog Level - Level 7


 Silly Street  has 39 different locations that can be visited. 
 Silly Street

  • Impractical Jokes
  • All Smiles Tooth Repair
  • The Hogwash and Dry
  • One-Liner Miners
  • Walts Little D Diner
  • Toontown Sign Factory
  • Jumping Beans
  • Tickle Machines
  • All Fun and Games Shop
  • Dr. Tom Foolery
  • Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip
  • Dr. I.M. Euphoric
  • Dottie's Dizzy Diner
  • The Merry Mimes
  • Weird Beards Disguise Shop
  • Silly Stunts
  • All That Razz Dance Academy
  • Soup Forks
  • Paper Airplanes Cheap!
  • Laughing Gas Station

  • Marys Go Round Travel Co
  • Happy Hooligans pub
  • House of Bad Pies
  • Jesse's Joke Repair
  • Daffy Taffy
  • The Happy Times
  • The Laughin Place
  • Flo's Oats and Grits
  • Clown Class
  • Tee-Hee Tea Shop
  • Laughing Lessons
  • Funny Money Savings & Loan
  • Used Clown Cars
  • Frank's Pranks
  • Steamboat Willie
  • Monkey Tricks
  • Joy Buzzers to the World
  • Muldoons Maroon Balloons
  • Canned Bottles

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