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SimAnt is Still an Awesome Game

I remember when I first purchased SimAnt. It was in a bundle package with some other short games. The only one I've managed to keep out of that bundle is SimAnt. Every now and then I can't help but come back to it. It's simple to play, but has a lot of complexities inside of it that make it a perfect game for a beginning gamer. It also gives education (I know, blarg!) about how ant colonies grow and interact. Plus, giant wars with other ant colonies are always fun. Overall, SimAnt provides quick fun with lots of content to explore.


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    Oddly Addicting 0

    Maybe this game is why I have so much trouble killing ants but I loved this game. While I didn't get to appreciate it when it was first released on account of being too young to play computer, I enjoyed it later on in life. At first glance this game doesn't look like anything special, however once you start playing it's very easy to get lost in the fairly simplistic graphics and trance inducing background music (it sort of reminds me of Chips Challenge music but not as good). Many hours were spe...

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