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The SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK) is a separate toolset bundled with the SimCity 2000 Special Edition released in 1995. The SCURK gives players access to a variety of tools to create and modify buildings and tilesets. There are 3 main tools in SCURK: "Paint the Town", "Pick and Copy", and "Place and Print".

Paint the Town

"Paint the Town" is basically a bitmap editor. It allows players to alter the appearance and graphics of any building in SimCity 2000 and even create new buildings.

Pick and Copy

"Pick and Copy" is a tileset editor for SimCity 2000. It allows players to save tilesets of buildings created in the "Paint the Town" tool and also came with premade custom sets made by the Maxis developers.

Place and Print

A sandbox version of SimCity 2000, "Place and Print" allows players to build and create their own city with little to no restrictions. Players also have access to every building and tile within SimCity 2000. "Place and Print" could also be used in other Sim games to create custom cities, and cities created in this tool can be imported into SimCity 2000.

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