$29.96 at GamersGate.com

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Haven't really seen anyone post about GamersGate having SIMCITY for $30. Just picked it up last weekend and can't stop playing. Yes the cities are small and there are other issues of course, but none have really affected my play experience and I'm having a blast with this. For $30 you can't beat it!

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PreOrdered it, EA gifted 10 Euros and a game :P

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Does it work now?

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It's been working for me for the most part. Just had a few issues with my latest city, but I think it's because someone abandoned their city and all of the crooks are heading to my city to rob and steal in copious amounts ;/

So now I'm just creating private regions and inviting friends in that I know won't abandon and know what they're doing LOL.

The overlay maps are so perfect and addicting to watch your water, electric, sewage, busses, etc travel down the roads to service the city. So far I've been pretty successful with my cities.

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