$45/$40 on Amazon w/ coupon code

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Saw on CAG that you can get SimCity for $45 on Amazon right now w/ code CAGROCKS. Also, comes with a $5 credit on Amazon, making it essentially $40. Pretty good deal if you're looking to pre-order to get the Hero vs. Villain pre-order DLC.

Seems like a decent deal on a game that looks pretty promising.

Also, this only applies to the downloadable version of the game.

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Done deal. I love amazon

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I'm seeing it on Amazon with a straight up $20 credit.

EDIT: Oh, download version, did not read, oops.

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Pretty sweet deal. Can't wait until it comes out.

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done and done

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CAG indeed rocks. Thanks for the heads up, I just preordered.

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Thanks for this, I decided to go with the download version rather a physical copy.

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Thank you again for this post. I saw it last week on D2P for $41.99, but I've never ordered from them and was kind of skeptical. Amazon, however, has been great with Origin titles, like The Sims 3 and its expansions.

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Canceled my amazon preorder, and then re-preordered. Good to go :)

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Doohh not valid now.

Edit: Oh wait. I think it was applied anyway, down to 45 bucks right? Where does it say there is a 5 dollar credit?

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Fuck, doesn't work for me.

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Took advantage of this deal. Thanks for posting! Now watch this game turn out like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

@fattony12000: Make sure you have the digital copy selected, and then apply the code during the checkout process.

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Hey everyone, make sure to check your order. I just checked mine and it is charging me the full 59.99 plus tax. Don't know what happened. I'm assuming that coupon code was for already out games and was accidentally able to be used on SimCity. Just a warning. I'm going to contact them to see if they can fix the issue, but just want to give everyone a heads up.

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@cbarnes86: The only email I have from them is from the day I preordered, and that says $45. Where are you seeing this different charge?

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@subjugation: I clearly remember seeing on the checkout screen the 47.69 total, but I just checked the email they sent immediately after and it says 59.99... I really hope they fix it, but I feel it was my fault. I remember sitting on the checkout screen for a while and I'm starting to think it timed out... Anyone here (from US) bought anything from www.direct2play.com? From what I've heard, it is a Russian site that sells wholesale keys and they have SimCity for $40 but I have been screwed by wholesalers before when redeeming them on Origin (Sims 3 Pets worked for awhile and then didn't and I had to rebuy it). The product description says it is Region free, but I've never dealt with them.

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@subjugation: I'm going to assume my coupon didn't apply correctly or my checkout timed out and resent without the coupon. Here is hoping Amazon is kind to its customers and sees that I pre-ordered when the coupon was valid and gives me the price... if not, oh well. $59.99 for a game I'm going to spend hours upon hours playing is still worth it, just wish I could've saved a few bucks.

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The price-guarantee is pretty neat too.

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@cbarnes86: Yeah, I feel you man. Just drop the CAGROCKS code in the email and tell them that it was your intention to use it and go from there. Amazon generally has pretty good customer service.

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Yea, i also used this a few days ago and worked fine, thanks for the heads up.

My only bitch is Amazon charges sales tax to PA residents now so it was like 48 bucks after tax. Fuck you Uncle Sam.

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@subjugation: I did that. Fingers crossed (I'll let you all know)

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Try living in wa, where amazon has always charged tax. Also, dunno if they do for every state, but steam, nintendo, and microsoft are all based here so I'm taxed for everything I do digitally. Womp womp.

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Amazon is incredible! So the whole Stronghold thing was EXTREMELY misleading, but either way, I got the discount on SimCity! (Stronghold HD was free with the download of Stronghold Kingdoms or whatever the F2P game was).

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Does anyone know when Amazon will have the game ready? I saw on twitter that the game will unlock on Origin at 9:01 PST, march 4. I was wondering if I could start downloading at that time as well since I ordered from Amazon.

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@sexytoad: This item will be available to download on March 5, 2013 at 12:00 AM (US/Pacific)


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Heads up, anyone who has used this code there are lots of people getting there orderes cancled for some reason... mine included. i sent Amazon a email about my order, waiting for a reply back...

More info here...

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@dudy80 said:

Heads up, anyone who has used this code there are lots of people getting there orderes cancled for some reason... mine included. i sent Amazon a email about my order, waiting for a reply back...

More info here...

Thanks for the heads up, mine seems good, but i'll be checking daily.

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Ok, update here, apparently this had nothing to do with the code and was a issue with Simcity orders in general, if your order is still there its fine but basically just double check it wasn't canceled if you ordered from amazon. Cant complain as they resolved it fast, but i hope people catch on to this as some might find they have no order come launch day.

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"We wanted to let you know your pre-order for "SimCity - Limited Edition [Download]" was inadvertently canceled by our system... If you pre-ordered using a promotional code, please contact our Customer Service via phone at 1-866-216-1072"

The promo code is no longer valid, but it only took a 4 minute phone call to get a $15 credit applied to my account in lieu of the promo code. I forgot about the $5 credit that also came with it, but the "we're sorry" email included a $5 credit so it evens out.

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@cbarnes86: goog god that's amazing customer service!

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I also got the 5 bucks in credit, i had already got it fixed though so i used it on some oil for my car... lol.

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Haha, Amazon screwed up my order, which saved me another $10 in the end. $40 total after tax.

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Hi everyone, Amazon has offered 20% off your order for April, 2013.

More info here…

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