Alright everybody. I've given it some time and...

#1 Posted by vegetashonor (666 posts) -

Is it safe for me to purchase yet? Is cheetah speed back? Are at least MOST of the bugs fixed? How's logging on to servers now? I just needed to know because I seem to see something different everywhere, and I kinda trust the GB community the most. Thanks Duders.

#2 Posted by Rowr (5824 posts) -

I dunno if it's just me but this game still isn't working as far as multiplayer is concerned. I am yet to play this with another human being, which fucking sucks because the whole game revolves around just that.

All the servers are full all the time, and i have never been able to join an abandoned server because the city was started with different content or some such nonsense. No one has ever joined one of my public games. When i go to join game i see the same games available as i saw three weeks ago, there's no options for refreshing or filtering results or fuck all. I dunno if the join game stuff is broken as fuck, but since i can't seem to find the same complaints specifically amongst the clusterfuck of google results saying how broken the game is in general. It's probably just the Oceanic servers idk.

Cheetah speed isn't back as of when i played a few days ago before bioshock came out.

So yeh i think the servers are sorted out so you can actually play the game now and it's probably working for the most part for most people. But if i were you i would wait for another few patches to fix some more of the gameplay quirks. Or at least wait for cheetah speed, it has the pace of a facebook game without it.

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@rowr: What's your public region? I'm not sure if I can join the Oceanic servers but I'll try plopping down a town. I didn't build my current multiplayer city the right way, since the game is a bit more goal oriented than past SimCity games. Which sucks, but still I kinda want to see if it actually works when I play it 'correctly' with other people.

#4 Posted by Dalai (7090 posts) -

I think even when they fix all the issues, the game simply isn't that good. I'd wait for a major price drop or the ability to build cities on a larger plot of land.

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I've had server trouble and lost a couple cities. Like, "stuck at an infinite loading screen, can't see it on the region map, but people can visit it" kind of thing. There's a 150+ page thread of that same thing (last I checked) in the support forums for this game over at EA. I've enjoyed my time with it when things work, but I don't know man. Things are gradually getting there with fixes, but it's up to you. I'd wait it out for now.

#6 Posted by vegetashonor (666 posts) -

Wow, thanks for the responses guys. Honestly, I think I'll officially be passing on this one.

#7 Posted by jdh5153 (1034 posts) -

I'm still having fun with it. Every time I play I kill a few hours without even realizing it.

#8 Posted by MAGZine (438 posts) -

I've played 4/7 nights this week and have had no issues.

The game has flaws. If you're not above looking past them, don't bother.

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