Can I play SimCity Yet? (post 2.0 update)

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I actually like the game, put a nice 60 odd hours in then stopped. Now id like to play some more but it seems like 2.0 broke even more stuff.

can I play again yet?

#2 Posted by JJWeatherman (14801 posts) -

This game is such a tragedy. It was one of the few games I was really looking forward to, and now I think I'll probably never play it. Oh what could (should) have been.

Sorry, I obviously cannot answer your question, but it seems like you already own it, so... maybe just give it a shot again?

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Honestly- tricky question to answer, since you'll never really know what effect 2.0 will have on your cities until you jump back in- if there is much of an affect at all. You could suffer random air pollution, random taxi invasions, new sewage issues, sound bugs, construction that never finishes, etc. It does certainly sound like 2.0 introduced more bugs than it fixed.

It's far from a consistent update though. There's the possibility you'll not run into any of those bugs- or encounter just a few of them, or even just weaker variations of them. (For example, the random air pollution bug. I had no random air pollution appear at all- though that didn't stop my cities from complaining about the non-existent air pollution for absolutely no reason for an hour or two. But then they stopped complaining and all was well in that regard)

Again, I have no way of confirming what your experience with 2.0 will be. Given all that we've heard, I'm either one of the lucky ones, or the systems on which 2.0 has had a catastrophic affect on are in the minority. Either way, all I can say is mileage varies GREATLY.

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Holy hell, did not know the patch broke more things. I paid 23.98 for that sucker and I'm glad that's all I paid. What a bummer. But, to be fair I did play around 30 hours of it and enjoyed my time quite a bit. However, it's still a huge bummer

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I haven't played in a few weeks, but the last time I played I still enjoyed it. I'd play 2-3 hours at a time without hitting any major issues. I'd ignore the minor bugs and I had a good time with it. I haven't been booting to Windows lately, so I haven't played it. It's coming to Mac in June so then I'll probably start playing again.

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@theavy said:

I actually like the game, put a nice 60 odd hours in then stopped. Now id like to play some more but it seems like 2.0 broke even more stuff.

can I play again yet?

They are testing a patch right now to help with those issues, so shouldn't be too long. Also I haven't run into any of the new bugs yet.

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I haven't played in forever, I was really tired dealing with bugs and glitches. Cheetah speed has been put back already, right?

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