Cheetah Speed

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Jeff claiming that Cheetah speed was only added to SimCity last month in 2 of the GOTY podcasts is really getting on my nerves now.

Cheetah speed was put back in SimCity on the 9th of April, only a month and a couple of days after release ( If you're going to insult a game at least do it for a valid reason, otherwise you just look ignorant.

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@chavtheworld: As much criticism as SimCity deserves (and it deserves a lot), you are correct that people should actually understand what they're talking about when they do deliver that criticism. This is unfortunately a bad habit that Jeff has in podcasts, as it's hardly the first time he's made wildly inaccurate critiques, but most if not all members of the staff have been guilty of this at one time or another.

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They jumped to conclusions at cheetah speed! BOOM!

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@chavtheworld: It bugs me when the dudes argue clearly incorrect facts also, but would this specific correction actually change their opinions on the game? I hope not.

The damning thing is that Maxis had to disable features in their own game to try and improve stability at launch, and didn't re-implement "cheetah speed" for over a month after the game launched. Pretty unprecedentedly awful. It may have been way less time than Jeff was implying, but what actually happened is still shockingly pathetic and should never be overlooked if we want developers to ever stop selling broken games.

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Unfortunately the game still sucks.

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This happens fairly often all over the video game internet. Ah well.

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I'm probably not the person to talk to about that, as I actually like SimCity.

It shouldn't matter if you like it or not. We can't brush the launch of this game away and forget about it, or we'll just doom ourselves to more and more non functional games in the future (ahem... BF4). When "post launch apologies" wins GB's Please Stop award, you know there's a problem, and SimCity was by far the worst example of that this year.

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Cheetah Speed is a lie. It's nowhere near cheetah speed.

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yo I heard Simcity is a broken nightmare of shit but I wanna but it. Holla at me.

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I think it's more about when people checked back in on simcity

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Regardless, it's still the years biggest disappointment by far.

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For the deliberations it didn't matter to them if it was patched in April 9 or Dec 28.

Or another way to look at it: It is fine to yell at someone for fibbing or being hyperbolic about details like that but don't let EA or Maxis off the hook either because they fibbed about the features.

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Are you sure that it stayed the entire time since April? I mean they fact checked it in a later podcast, reading an email from early November about it.

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I am pretty sure it was removed more than once and re-added more than once. I remember reading that anyway. Don't quote me on it, though.

Fact checking ruins comments and I don't have time as I'm at work.

I don't really care either way because the game launched a mess, was designed poorly from the ground up, and stinks of shitty always online EA bull shit.

I never thought Maxis would be destroyed. How could it? Clearly I was wrong and that makes me sad. It makes Will Wright sad too.

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Either way, we are still arguing about the colour of the train in the trainwreck. Doesn't really matter.

I actually thought the game was pretty good for what it was, but was still massively disappointed.

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Well they were going by that email Brad read which seemed to indicate that it had been disabled then re enabled again recently. I think that's what they were referring to. Regardless of that particular fact that game was still a mess.

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