GB SimCity PC/Origin Friends List

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#51 Posted by RJ (124 posts) -

  • Origin ID: Onliner2
  • Preferred Region: NA West 2
#52 Edited by DGBruin08 (97 posts) -


Server NA West 1&2

#53 Posted by minorinya (179 posts) -

Origin: seraphinya

Server: NA East 1

#54 Edited by FlipperDesert (2106 posts) -

Origin: FlipperDesert

Region: EU West

Let's play! Been trying to look for open games but the search is abysmal.

#55 Posted by Gazacreed (1 posts) -


#56 Edited by RickEagles (6 posts) -

Add me,

Origin ID: rickeagles
Server: EU West

#57 Posted by Andapancake (1 posts) -

Origin ID: Andapancake

Server: North American West (1 & 3)

Add me and ill help in any region. Looking to get in on the challenges coming up soon! Open Region available for all: New Colorado (NAW 1)

#58 Posted by acerek (10 posts) -

Origin ID: acerekpz

I do not have any preferred server right now. I'm fairly new to the SimCity games and would like to learn how to play well if anyone would like to have me play with them.

#59 Posted by fluxbit (125 posts) -
  • Origin ID: fluxbit
  • Preferred Region: North America West 2
#60 Edited by MC_Hify (352 posts) -

NA West 1


Come join me on Lucharegion

#61 Edited by Alien715 (4 posts) -

Origin ID: Alien715

Preferred Server: North American West 2

Love to get a game going with some people!

#62 Posted by Khemitude (222 posts) -

Origin: Phant0mStalk3r

#63 Posted by paulwade1984 (479 posts) -

ID: ShambolicPaul

server: Oceanic 2.

#65 Posted by DDeweert1984 (1 posts) -

I'm in

GB Ddeweert1984

origin Davedeweert

right now i'm on NA east 3 but w/e is fine, I have a 5 slot region set if any one wants a tertiary city under the name Pixelblips

#66 Posted by KiddSupreme (16 posts) -

Origin ID: kiddsupreme

Region: Anything on the West Coast

#67 Edited by BRG9000 (145 posts) -

Origin ID: BRG9000

Server: NA West 3 (so far, but don't mind changing)

Get's get some great works up in this place.

#68 Edited by Artur7389 (1 posts) -

Origin ID: Artur7389

Server: EU West 6

#69 Edited by Cloneslayer (1646 posts) -

Origin ID Cloneslayer90

#70 Posted by Lokno (386 posts) -

Put me on da list!

ID : Lokno

I'd prefer NA East 1, but I'll go where the action is!

#71 Posted by Captain_Insano (1565 posts) -


Mainly on Oceania 2 server. The stupidest thing I've discovered about the game so far is that there is no way to search for servers with free slots. I'm looking to join any region.

#72 Posted by katimanic (156 posts) -

id: nicc

Add me! I just want to play with other people!

#73 Posted by leftie68 (215 posts) -


#74 Edited by LanceX (2 posts) -

Origin ID: LanceX2

I have one spot open in NA East 3 with quite a few guys from here! Add me!

#75 Posted by racejames (1 posts) -

sure i'm in: racejames

any server will do (most active on west Europe 3)

#76 Posted by TheAdmin (715 posts) -

ID: Calydon

Server: EU East 2

#77 Posted by fearthegofer (1 posts) -

Origin ID: fearthegofer

Server: NA West 3

#78 Posted by BreakfastKing (119 posts) -

Just picked the game up. I'd be interested in a small-ish region I think. Actually, I don't really care, I just want to try this game with people.

GB: BreakfastKing / origin: BreakfastKing

#79 Posted by Baird101 (1 posts) -

Add Baird101 ill play any server :)

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