Giantbomb Regions???

#101 Posted by Bamsen (359 posts) -

I'm down for some online shenanigans with my fellow GBers. I also have the game preordered :)

Origin ID: PanzerBamsen

Zone: EU

#102 Edited by Tyashki (218 posts) -

Got the game preordered. Can't wait for it.

Origin ID: Tyashki

Zone: US?

#103 Posted by Daveyo520 (7316 posts) -

If anyone still wants to add me I can play with more peeps.

#104 Edited by CoolYetiDance (76 posts) -

Add me! My name is WarmYeti!

#105 Posted by Theclutch (11 posts) -

Origin ID: Dense12

US zone

#106 Edited by jta04 (28 posts) -

I'll be buying this game and could use some Origin friends. jta04 is my Origin username.

#107 Posted by ShaggyDude (163 posts) -

I can't wait to reticulate some splines! I will accept any invites to giant bomb regions. I'm adding as many of you as Origin will allow. My Origin ID is ShaggyTaco.

#108 Posted by jaxjaggywires (79 posts) -

Origin ID jaxjaggywires

#109 Edited by JoeyRavn (5109 posts) -

Hey, duders, I'll be adding you tomorrow, when I get the game :)

Oh, and, derp, my username is JoeyRavn :P

#110 Posted by Freek (106 posts) -

Add me!

ID: Fr3ek

Zone: US

#111 Edited by UberExplodey (974 posts) -

Origin ID: UberExplodey

US East 1

Let's fucking build stuff.

#112 Posted by wewantsthering (1651 posts) -

My ID is coreydwillis.

#113 Edited by Jaqen_HGhar (1091 posts) -

Norwegian dude with no Origin friends here. Hit me up: Jaqen_Hghar

#114 Posted by Porkellain (264 posts) -

Yay, thanks QL Live for trying to bum me out lol.

#115 Edited by StarvingGamer (8890 posts) -

Ok, I think I sent a friend invite to everyone in this thread.

Just in case, my user name is StarvingGamer

#116 Edited by Kraki (10 posts) -

Add me too


#118 Edited by Daveyo520 (7316 posts) -

@porkellain: Despite how much Jeff hated it he still loves it.

#119 Edited by Daveyo520 (7316 posts) -

So will there be like official 16 city regions that will be set up or will we all just randomly make them? I like the first one. Like a set of 3 or so 16 city regions.

#120 Edited by cbarnes86 (600 posts) -

My strategy is going to make a private region for my singleplayer and once I gain my bearings, I will join one of the many friend's on my newly packed Origin list to make a city in their region. Can't wait to play with you guys and screw your cities up with Dr. Vu.... I mean helping everybody in the region with resources and happy sims.....

#121 Posted by GearDraxon (142 posts) -

Origin ID: johnLongview

Zone: US

So hyped.

#122 Posted by chainreaction01 (188 posts) -

Considering just starting up a multiplayer region from the get-go and just inviting people as they ask. Kind of wonder if, once invited to a Private Region, you can then invite others to the same region. Otherwise the creator would need to be on top of things to make sure the region gets filled up. Also there's all the pressure of naming it.

#123 Posted by Porkellain (264 posts) -

@daveyo520: In fact it just tried, but didn't succeed to bum me. Also, should we start an "official thread" to organize all the stuff?

#124 Posted by Daveyo520 (7316 posts) -

@porkellain: Ya I think an official thing would be good.

#125 Posted by wafflez (542 posts) -

I'll be splitting my time between sim city and tomb raider. But I'll be on! I've already added a few folks from here

U/N: Tunoku

#126 Edited by Daveyo520 (7316 posts) -

@wafflez: Oh ya damn I own Tomb Raider too.

#127 Posted by Marnox (344 posts) -

Mariasu, cozy norwegian. Dont bite. so add me :D

#128 Posted by __pb__ (18 posts) -

Can't wait for the unlock.

US zone, username is loire280

#129 Posted by j3ffro919 (259 posts) -

I'd like to get in on this

Origin ID j3ffro


#130 Edited by indieslaw (455 posts) -

I'll be on, looks like my Origin ID is kurdtrs

#131 Edited by Asmo917 (483 posts) -

Origin name - Asmo917. Let me unintentionally ruin your region with my horrible city planning!

#132 Posted by shaftwaxer (32 posts) -

Preordered and looking forward to some city building shenanigans.

Origin: shaftwaxer
US EST & PST evenings

#133 Edited by BoG (5387 posts) -

Everyone add imnotaround. I should be on tonight. I'm in the US.

#134 Edited by Mitch0712 (578 posts) -

Add me: Mitch0712

#135 Posted by CrazyBagMan (872 posts) -

My origin name should be TheDocktor144. Feel free to add me I'd love to play with you guys.

#136 Edited by Sanity (2042 posts) -

Guess amazon orders have to wait until 3AM EST for some reason to get there codes. Kinda blows, wanted to start it downloading tonight.

#137 Edited by RollingZeppelin (2254 posts) -

Has anyone been able to download it yet? I still have not yet released on Origin.

#138 Edited by Subjugation (4779 posts) -

@rollingzeppelin: I'm guessing not unless they ordered from a site that sent out their key prematurely. Those people have been unlocking their game by using an Asian VPN and downloading (and even playing) early. The rest of us in the US of A are still waiting as far as I know.

#139 Edited by m1k3 (1417 posts) -

Still grey-ed out on origin. c'mon EA, i just want to play. And according to the SimCity twitter page, its live in NA.

#140 Posted by RollingZeppelin (2254 posts) -

well, if it's not up on my origin in 10 mins I'm going to bed. Why does every digital launch have to be a shit show?

#141 Posted by RunningRaptor (17 posts) -

Origin ID: RunninRaptor

Zone: US

Don't have any Origin friends, but I predict I will be playing this a ton for the next few weeks.

#142 Posted by Saadnation (36 posts) -

Origin ID: Saadnation


Let's city!

#143 Edited by SkullcrusherMountain (995 posts) -

I also enjoy fuckery. MtSkullcrusher

#144 Posted by GinjaAssassin (165 posts) -


Origin ID: GinjaAssassin

#145 Posted by dragonwizard (42 posts) -

Origin ID: naohro

Region: US

Just downloaded it Sim City, going through the patcher. Going very slowly...

#146 Posted by Chaser324 (6925 posts) -

@dudy80: My Amazon pre-order has already gone through. About 25% way through the patch downloading right now.

#147 Edited by Subjugation (4779 posts) -

@dudy80: My Amazon pre-order has already gone through. About 25% way through the patch downloading right now.

Glad I saw this post, otherwise I wouldn't have checked my order until 12 PST. I mean, that is what the page said.

#148 Posted by Sanity (2042 posts) -

@chaser324 said:

@dudy80: My Amazon pre-order has already gone through. About 25% way through the patch downloading right now.

Glad I saw this post, otherwise I wouldn't have checked my order until 12 PST. I mean, that is what the page said.

Thanks, at least i can start the download now, gonna go to sleep though as im about ready to lay on my keyboard.

#149 Edited by Fobwashed (2479 posts) -

Come join me in the Duderland region =)

Will try my best to not suck it up!

#150 Posted by Subjugation (4779 posts) -

Is someone going to take the initiative to get a region going, or will I have to lead that charge? I'm thinking a 16 city region.

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