Giantbomb Regions???

#201 Posted by bombedyermom (321 posts) -

Origin ID is malbian21

preferably NA west server, but don't really care

#202 Edited by FormerAcorn (8 posts) -

Origin ID is FormerAcorn
I have a region in US East 1, but I want to join a large (8-16) person region.

#204 Posted by therealnelsk (358 posts) -

@bobo6463: Want to shoot me an invite to your region? Origin name is M3RPHY, looking forward to playing with a bunch of duders!

#205 Edited by m1k3 (1417 posts) -

Anyone on NA West 2? Im thinking of starting a Region.

#206 Posted by ChaosTony (110 posts) -

Anyone want to add me? My Origin name is ChaosTony, I'm having so much trouble getting a game started, I'll play in any region that will have me.

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My Origin id is dantronb and looking to play with some folks. Of course, not really issue right now since I can get past "checking for updates" part of main menu.

#209 Posted by theimmortalbum (542 posts) -

I started a region, US East 2. Resortia. Add theimmortalbum and i can invite you.

#210 Posted by sam33r (26 posts) -

me too! matchlezz

Unfortunately the game is not working yet thanks to the drm...

#211 Posted by d0m3l (74 posts) -

domel85 - please add me :)

#212 Posted by Chaser324 (6950 posts) -

@theimmortalbum: I got into your region and played for a couple of hours...then got disconnected, and I'm pretty sure the next time I log in that all of it will not have been saved.

#213 Posted by newhaap (457 posts) -

I feel bad for kind of ditching that city, but I straight ran out of money. Maybe I'll get wealthy in the one I'm in right now and try to dig that other one out.

Oh yeah I just realized that your city was abandoned, showed up as "Mayor needed" or something like that when I logged on today. Also, first time I got booted out of the game today, really scared of going back in and seeing how much progress I lost :(

#214 Posted by Wuddel (2295 posts) -

The game just got released in Europe. Add me Origin-ID "Wuddel"

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@newhaap: My new city is doing really well, although it is a constant challenge. If you need a cash stipend ... I'm not saying I could ... but I probably could ...

You can leave a message in region chat and I would see it later. No one seems to use that chat anyway.

#216 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Origin name is No1_Trouble, add me!

Any Australian\NZ people on here keen to make a region on Oceanic servers?

#217 Edited by YoThatLimp (2000 posts) -

Origin name is No1_Trouble, add me!

Any Australian\NZ people on here keen to make a region on Oceanic servers?

I'd be keen. I work thirdshift in US.

I tried getting into a few GB regions yesterday, but could not getting anything going and by the time I was in they were full up, servers are so damn annoying.

#218 Posted by isomeri (1676 posts) -

I guess I'll hook up the first European region since I finally got onto a server. The region's got room for 16 cities and It's set to private for now so add me as a friend.

Origin ID: isomeri

Server: Europe, West 1

Region: Das Bomba

#219 Edited by ryusko (10 posts) -

Origin ID here is Ryusko, preferably looking for a West Coast region, but it's all good. Just looking to play with some bombers!

#220 Posted by RickEagles (7 posts) -

Origin Name: rickeagles

Just started downloading the game now, can't believe there wasn't a preloader! I'll hate sitting at work all day tomorrow thinking about city planning.

#221 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Anyone got a region going with Bombers already, can you send me a friend request to No1_Trouble

#223 Posted by FlipperDesert (2130 posts) -

I'm looking for regions/people to play with. Origin ID is FlipperDesert!

#224 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Anyone playing this game, going to start a 16 player region send me a friend request to No1_Trouble if you want in

#225 Posted by san_salvador (161 posts) -

Origin ID: sansalvadorsan

Ready for some giant city bombing!

#226 Edited by therealnelsk (358 posts) -

I've got a 5 city region going, I'll invite some of you guys without cities already...having trouble keeping my population up? NW4 is the server

#227 Posted by Lepruk86 (84 posts) -

Would love to get in on this. Finding people to play with so far has been tragically unsuccessful...

O.ID: Lepruk86

I'm in the UK but will play on any server.

#228 Edited by Mister_V (1558 posts) -

@lepruk86: Add isomeri and ask him for an invite. He has a 16 player region going on EU west 1 server with a few bombers in it.

#229 Edited by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

I have a pretty awesome city going right now, got another 4 spots on the map if people want to jump in. Just wish I could join the server.

#230 Edited by EvanFavreau (84 posts) -

Hoping to jump in and get going at this game. Looking for cool Origin friends and regions to join.

ID: EvanFavreau

#231 Posted by MRBOND93 (31 posts) -


#232 Posted by CactusJack (148 posts) -

Like most people on here, I don't have any Origin friends. I'd like to play with duders. so if theres open spots in GB friendly spots, let me know.

Origin ID: CactusJack322

#233 Edited by Renahzor (1026 posts) -

I'd be down to build with some GB duders! origin ID: Renahzor

#234 Edited by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

Make sure to try to join my exclusive region :D

#235 Posted by JozoSalt (5 posts) -

Usally on Europe West servers. If anyone wants to play, my id: JozoSalt

#236 Posted by streetninja (178 posts) -

I just finally got around to installing the game. My ID is PastaGeddon.

#237 Posted by KiddSupreme (19 posts) -

Couldn't seem to find any region to join, so I just setup a private 16 city one on NA West 2. The region is called "Giantbomb Dudersville". If you'd like an invite, just add me as a friend on Origin; ORIGIN ID = kiddsupreme (or a PM here I guess). Hope to see you there!

#238 Posted by Nycalexdunk (66 posts) -

@ertdaemon: Hey not sure if your still interested but I need people to play with so i sent you a request deamon

#239 Edited by Pirsig (61 posts) -

Looking for People on NA west 4, ID on origin is also Pirsig

#240 Edited by djou (895 posts) -

Just a word of caution, I think the region/friends finding is busted right now. I've been getting invites, but unable to open up my region to folks. If your interested in joining, feel free to send me a PM. I started a 16 town region on West 2 called Titan. I'm min/maxing the hell out of the game so I have six of the cities partially filled.

#241 Edited by BinarySoldier (6 posts) -

I'm looking for an invite to a game, preferably on NA East, or West. Send me an invite! Origin ID: BinarySoldier85.

#242 Edited by katimanic (203 posts) -

I am looking to join a region, whenever I look for one they are always full.

I am in western NA but any server is fine.

My id is nicc

#243 Posted by kishinfoulux (2740 posts) -

New to the game. Would be fun to play with fellow duders.

ID: Kishinfoulux

Server is NA East 3 I believe.

#244 Edited by Pirsig (61 posts) -

Joined kiddsupreme's region, still plenty of slots left, also, don't think he actually set it to private, I found it by trying to add him to friends and then clicking on his name, showed me what region he was in and let me join, other GBers should come fill up the space. I also have one on NA west 4 just called Giant Bomb, people should be able to find that the same way, only using my username (Pirsig). I will come back to play it if people start joining.

#245 Posted by BinarySoldier (6 posts) -

@pirsig I just joined that region too. Still lots of room left!

#246 Posted by Gutterkisser (226 posts) -

@bourbon_warrior: Just got the game and haven't played yet, but if your region's Aus/NZ and you're cool with a potentially... flawed neighbour, I might try and join.

#247 Edited by Fattony12000 (7890 posts) -

I'm totes up in this fucker as of today.

I'll play with cool duders.

Fattony12000 pon Origin.

#248 Posted by shadowwolf9 (180 posts) -

Joined kiddsupreme's region earlier today and played a bunch. Feel free to add me, duders. Origin: ShadowWolf9301

#249 Posted by FameOner (27 posts) -

I'm in North America West 3.

FameOner. me name

#250 Edited by ElCount (84 posts) -

hey i'm looking for some regions

Origin ID: ElCount

which ever server

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