Regional pricing issues. Is there a work around?

#1 Posted by Huginrin (21 posts) -

So, i would like to play some simcity, longtime fan of the series and genre.

I dislike origin as it is impossible to brows the store since everything is translated to your language, they even make words up just to not have any English words.

Now i dislike them even more.

Anyway, here are the pricings

US store price: $60 = 383 Swedish crowns

Swedish store price: 600:- = 93.75 us dollars


is there a simple way to circumvent this or will i have to boycott origin?

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This isn't anything new? Things have been cheaper in the US for ages. You can buy it from Green Man Gaming or Amazon or from your local retailer etc.

#3 Posted by Funkydupe (3441 posts) -

Yes, check and usually they have a more reasonable price.

#4 Posted by Huginrin (21 posts) -

Thank you, i know that the pricing issue is a thing but since i have only bought games online where that does not happen and only finding origin that sold a digital download version of simcity i got frustrated.

Thanks again.

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