SIMCITY™ Digital Deluxe Upgrade Pack

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Has anyone bought this? I never buy DLC and this one seems entirely I'm not sure why I want it =/

Just wondering if you get the Heroes and Villains set and the Plumbob Park also like in the Limited Edition?

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I picked up the fancy ass one before launch, haven't been able to save enough for the landmark so I could create a European city style (a really stupid way to initiate it, basically you need a very high functioning city to even attempt it.) I have tried Maxis man though, and he's pretty helpful, once you get him leveled up he's like a pay per use (simoleans not real money) addition to your emergency services, and he has a rocking car. so when an earthquake sets half your city on fire it's nice to have him around, not sure about Dr Vu though, apparently he's good for tourism 0_o

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