SimCity Will Finally Get an Offline Mode in Next Update

#201 Posted by CircleNine (380 posts) -

They're doing this so that in 2-3 years when they pull the servers and make them into servers for the next SimCity game that you still have a game thats technically playable.

#202 Posted by KainCarver (117 posts) -


Tiny cities, lying to customers, fenced game play. Will never buy this update.

#203 Posted by natedynamic (65 posts) -

@hatking: Googgooogahhblthtghbhbbpbb!

(The cities are too small for my chubby baby fingers, and the game is still a broken mess on many other levels.)

(Yes, babies are fuckin' verbose behind all that cooing and drooling.)

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Sim City and Battlefield 4 were probably the worst purchases I have made. Forza 5 also pissed me off. Between work, girlfriend, friends I don't have much time to play games and often don't have the energy to really get into a game like I have in the past. I don't want to rank up to get shit, I don't care about progression. Just give me a game with all the content from the start that works and isn't full of fucking bullshit network issues.

Fuck you EA. I am done with you.

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I'm with you Alex -- if taking it offline means fixing the issues that came with it aside from just connectivity troubles, then baby I'm all for it. I'd love to see a bigger city size largely, and something more than just plugging up springing leaks -- which is what the game starts to feel like when you've hit all four corners.

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Well well well.

Now make the cities actually the size of a city and not a fucking suburb .. and I'll consider getting it.

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At the time I was going to buy this game for mum for christmas but then found out it had to be always online which is no good where she lives still being on dialup and sometimes due to environmental circumstances storms and the like unable to maintain even that type of connection so didnt buy it.

I will wait and see what this new offline mode is I am highly skeptical regards companys like EA, UbiSoft and others that use these type of DRM but if it is truely offline. I may reconsider buying it for mum or not as someone has stated the cities are pretty small compared to simcity 4 they are more like regional cities or towns.

I will wait and see.

#218 Posted by Sir_WilliamIII (36 posts) -

To little to late for me, I am sorry but I will not be going back to play this.

#219 Posted by So_Hai (14 posts) -

They managed to release the game exactly backwards. Peak demand when it couldn't handle it, no demand for when it might have.

#220 Posted by Chewii101 (822 posts) -

Against my better judgement picked up the game on sale......are there any giantbomb regions still active? :P

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