Someone on Western Europe 1 and wants to start a region?

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Creating an extra topic since most will be in NA. Origin ID also "Wuddel"

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I'm in western europe... unfortunately, I can only play on the Aussie server... what the actual fuck?

The more I think about this, the more upset I am getting. The only reason I can't play the (excessively expensive) game I just bought is because of their forced online which does nothing to enhance the game and only acts as thinly veiled DRM. This is really unacceptable, and I feel like an idiot for giving EA my money.

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Worked fine for most of the day. It seems only since NA is from work it went out of service.

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Moved to W-EU 4 now.

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@wuddel: I might join ya, haven't started playing yet but I'll be playing on some EU server. Origin: Chavtheworld

Actually, I already have you Wuddel, forgot that they merged Battlefield and Origin friend lists!

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@chavtheworld: I will be playing my cities on Eu-West 4 again since , i could reclaim them now (could not load them for whatever reason)

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@wuddel: Oh nice! I will try and join a region with you next time I'm on?

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