UK Deals/Offers?

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I have seen some great deals in the US for this game, but not in the UK. The limited edition, which is the base line is £45 ( just short of $70). The best I can find is £35 on Amazon but that is still really high for a PC game. Green Man Gaming have it for £36 with a code, which is my best option. What else is out there for us in the UK, who don't get a $40 deal from Amazon.

I managed to get Tomb Raider for £16 last week so I feel it would be a bad move to get this full price.

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I got my copy of SimCity from the Russian origin store, it costs ~40 dollars there however to access that store you'll need to use a proxy. Now the game is registered to my account and everything seems fine. Not sure if this is your cup o tea tough.

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@CoolYetiDance How much cheaper does this work out? I've got a proxy, is it easy enough to navigate Origin in Russian?

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@jaffaz: I found it fairly easy by using google chrome + google translate. Just got to the origin store while being behind a proxy and it should automatically take you to the Russian site with Russian prices.

For me the price change was quite significant, living in Norway the digital deluxe edition (which was the one I got) costs 105 USD through origin, and I ended up paying 49 usd through the Russian origin store.

For the regular version it costs around 40 dollars, which is still 20 dollars cheaper then the US origin store. It's all about where you're from :P

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Apparently you can get it for £30 with a discount code at Tesco on-line, according to SavyGamer, here.

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