What is the prospect for expansions?

#1 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3890 posts) -

I assume Maxis/EA will provide some sort of DLC and expansions, but should we expect those in months or will it take over a year? I might be looking in the wrong sports, but I don't see much info on DLC plans.

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There will probably be a couple of DLC packs at least. I don't know if they will go expansion pack crazy like The Sims though.

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I would bet my hat on them being structured exactly like The Sims 3 so basically mostly cosmetic changes with some minor structural changes to how the game plays. If you're wondering about a timeline, well I think they'll be widely spaced just like The Sims 3 were, year apart basically.

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@thabigred: The Sims 3 has two/three expansions a year, along with two or three cosmetic packs.

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There are three packs following the Digital Deluxe...






The LIMITED EDITION does only come with the Heroes and Villains set unless you pre-order from Origin I think. So if you're going Limited Edition you're going to feel like you're buying an incomplete game right out of the gate; Excellent don't you agree?

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@DeeGee said:

@thabigred: The Sims 3 has two/three expansions a year, along with two or three cosmetic packs.

I glanced at the WIkipedia page when I said this. You are correct although they only put out 2 a year at first.

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@MonkeyKing1969: A couple new buildings centered around a 'theme' every 6 months for $40. Oh, and a cash shop patched into the game to grub more money from your wallet between said expansion packs.

Knowing EA, anyway.

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I look for them to make better expansions then The Sims had just because there's lots more they can do with this game then they could with The Sims, sure theres going to be stupid shit, its EA, but i think we will see at least one good expansion. Lots of directions they could go in.

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I doubt there will be any proper expansions in the traditional sense because that would make too much sense for the consumer. Everything coming out of EA right now is that they are going all in on nickle and dimming people with microtransactions on every one of their games whether it makes sense to or not. So a few months in they will launch an in game store and expect you to buy skins for stuff at $2-$3 a pop. Shame they feel the need to ruin great games with crap like that.

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