What kind of city will you build first?

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With the whole specialization thing this game has going on what kind of city will you go for first? I think im going to make a coal or oil drilling city and say fuck the environment. Those sims dont need clean air or a sewage treatment plant, let the sludge run into the rivers! The wonderful thing about simcity is i can send them all back to the stone age if they get lippy and want compensation for lung cancer or some bullshit like that.

Im sorta surprised theirs no option for a Sports City though, that would have been my first choice if it was there, guess they get to live in zero visibility smog instead.

Whats your plans?

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We've seen so much of the gambling options, that will probably be the last one I do as far as Specializations go. I'm thinking Hi-Tech is a good place to start for me.

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Casino City: whiskey, whores, mafia, neon lights, gambling.. heaven.

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Pollution free. I'm will focus my city on having efficient transportation with green power. Plus I'll overtax the poor and give breaks to the rich.

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I'm thinking of going industrial like the OP and fucking up the environment as bad as possible to piss off my neighbor cities, but I also have no idea what all the different options are. Does anyone have that information?

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Guy City

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@soapy86: Mining, Drilling, Trading, Electronics, Culture, Gambling, and Education, found that on IGN, not sure if its a complete list but i think so.

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A casino and high tech city.

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Pussy Town. April O'Neil is there. All three of them.

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A doomed city.

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Education so I can start on my way to making a Space Center in the Great Works aera.

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A police strategical outpost. I'll rent them out as security mercs to neighboring cities in the region I'm in. Edit: and Yes. That is possible to do in the game.

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A utopia. Lots of curvy roads, parks and shit.

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An evil one..!

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As close to Airstrip One as possible. I'm gonna make it as claustrophobic and industry laden with as much government heavy handedness as possible, without breaking the economy of course.

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@dudy80: Sports city is a Tourist city in this game. You can build Stadiums and such within that specialization.

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All garbage dumps, all the time.

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Probably a bad one...

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Casino city thats rampant with crime

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Education heavy. Big ass brains bring big ass profits

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I'm thinking about going with mining and trading.

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I'm going to build my city on rock & roll and see what happens.

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Garbage Island.

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