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Simon Carter's game programming career began while still a teenager when he served as one of the artificial intelligence programmers on Magic Carpet at Bullfrog Productions. Despite brief interruptions caused by formal education, Simon would continue at Bullfrog culminating with his role as a the lead programmer, as well as an additional credit as a level designer, on Dungeon Keeper.

After the departure of Peter Molyneux from Bullfrog Productions post-Dungeon Keeper, Simon left Bullfrog to found Big Blue Box Studios along with his brother Dene Carter and Ian Lovett as a independent developer in Lionhead's "Satellite" program. There he would act as Managing Director and Lead Programmer on Fable. Simon would remain with the Fable franchise as Big Blue Box merged with Lionhead followed by Lionhead's acquisition by Microsoft.

In the Spring of 2011 Simon left Lionhead to form a new studio with his brother and in March 2012 they formally launched Another Place Productions.


Simon and his brother Dene bear an uncanny visual resemblance to two characters in Fable II named 'Max and Sam' who mistakenly raise the dead through bumbling misuse of the 'Normanomicon' or 'The Book of the Extremely Dead'

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