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Poetnerd's SimonClone is a clone of Milton Bradley's electronic memorization game Simon (invented by Ralph H. Baer & Howard J. Morrison), and is single- or multi-player in the same fashion as the original. It is available for free on the Andriod Marketplace. The latest version is 1.1, for Android version 2.1 and higher.

Poetnerd is Bill Cattey - he wrote SimonClone for Android as a learning exercise because of the development challenges it presented. For more on the development process, please see his webpage.


The objective of SimonClone is to remember the increasing sequence in which the colored buttons flash (the audible tones aid in memorization). Upon reaching the limit of your level, the last button in the sequence will flash & sound six times to indicate that you have completed the level.


Screenshot of SimonClone from

Upon startup, the screen displays four buttons, each of a different color. The objective of the game is to correctly repeat the sequence of colors indicated by the game for the duration of the level. Pressing "Start" begins a new single-player game by default and one of the colored buttons will flash as well as emanate a tone. You have a short period of time in which to respond by pressing the same button. SimonClone responds by adding another button to the sequence, and so on and so forth. If you select a button too late or out-of-sequence, the game ends. If you complete the sequence faithfully through the last level, you win.


To play the multi-player mode, select "Menu" on your Android Device and choose "Set Game." The following screen appears:

    1. Game 1: Single Player: Repeat the sequence of colors that SimonClone gives. Faithfully repeat each sequence all the way to the final one for the level and you win!
    • Game 2: Multi Player: SimonClone picks a color to start the game. Each player in turn repeats the sequence and picks a new color to extend the sequence. A player who fails to repeat the sequence is out and SimonClone starts again. Last player in, wins!
    • Game 3: Multi Player: Each player picks a color to own. Repeat the sequence given by SimonClone as in Game 1. Each player presses their owned color. If you press your color at the wrong time, you are out and SimonClone starts again without your color. Last player in, wins!
    Game 1, 2, & 3 instructions are quoted from the game's "Help" screen.


There are four levels in SimonClone. Select "Menu" on your Android Device and choose "Set Level." There, you are able to set levels based on difficulty - you may choose to remember sequences of 8, 14, 20, or 31 buttons.

Other Features

SimonClone can replay your last game as well as your longest streak.


Version 1.1

  • Fixed careless handling of menu commands.
  • Fixed a race condition where command buttons could leave color buttons lit.
  • Added a Help dialog that explains how to play all three games.
Updates quoted from Bill Cattey's SimonClone webpage. See webpage for pending to-do list of updates.

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