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SimPark is one of many Sim spin-offs for the PC. SimPark was released in 1996, developed and published by Maxis Software. As with many of the other spin-off titles, SimPark is targeted more for children. SimPark is similar to SimSafari, and could be considered a simplified version of another Sim spin-off, SimIsle.


A garbage dump, and the rats that are an effect of it.
SimPark is a simulation and management game. In the game, the player controls a park, keeping track of the animals and plants. Players must control the population of animals, making sure that overpopulation or extinction doesn't happen. Plants also affect the way the park works. For example, certain plants attract bees (and if these aren't planted, there won't be pollination in the park). At some points, players must identify certain plants or animals. There are also many disasters that could happen. These disasters are a garbage dump (a large pile of trash that attracts rats and other garbage-eating animals), fire, kudzu, and an alien invasion (where several pink and blue aliens inhabit the park).

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