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The Simple game series is a series of games that are all published by D3 Publisher and are meant to be budget priced. D3 used various developers for the games instead of one single developer. Generally the price of the game was in line with what was stated on the cover, as an example the Simple 1500 series of games were released close to a 1500 Yen price tag.

The games in the original 1500 series started out as plain or generic versions of games, and were even named simple as well, such Simple 1500 Series: The Tennis.

Simple Series Line

There have been multiple versions of the Simple line of games.

Simple 1500

The Simple 1500 series was the first line of the Simple games. The original Simple 1500 series contained 104 volumes, all of which were on the original PlayStation platform, with some getting name changes and being released outside of Japan. Many of the games also saw ports onto other platforms later on, but those were generally for the releases outside of Japan.

Simple 2000

The Simple 2000 series started on the PlayStation 2 with The Table Game. The base Simple 2000 series contained 122 volumes, with more entries in several Simple 2000 offshoot series.

Simple 500

The Simple 500 series is a line of downloadable games for the PlayStation 3 platform. The first game in the Simple 500 line was The Mahjong.

Simple Series for Wii U

The newest of the Simple Series line is for the Wii U platform. The first game in the Simple Series for Wii U was The Family Party (Simple Series for Wii U Vol. 1) which was released in other regions as Family Party: 30 Great Games - Obstacle Arcade.

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