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Sin Cara is Spanish for Faceless

On March 25, 2011, Sin Cara made his WWE debut after wrestling many years in Mexico under the name Místico wrestling in CMLL. It was this gimmick name that first ignited a rivalry between Mistico of CMLL and Mistico of AAA. The original Mistico who was from AAA believed that it was disrespectful and a theft of identity when CMLL employed a new superstar and gave him the exact gimmick that he was using in that company before his contract expired. This feud has now continued from Mexico all the way to the WWE as the original Mistico is now known as Hunico (Sin Cara Negro)

He got suspended from the WWE on July 18th 2011 for 30 days for his first violation of the Wellness Policy. Upon his return was when his feud with Sin Cara Negro began in the WWE. The end of Sin Cara Negro happened when the two faced off in a Mask vs Mask match at a SmackDown event in Mexico City, Mexico in front of their home country fans and the original Sin Cara became the Victor of this match which forced the imposter Sin Cara to unmask and show his real identity.

On the 20th of November, he was seriously injured at the Survivor Series Pay Per View and this happened when he and Kofi Kingston ran towards the ropes to complete a suicide dive to there opponents. As Sin Cara went to gain momentum his knee gave way and buckled under him resulting in him suffering a patellar tendon rupture. This type of injury required surgery which he had done on the 22nd of November and he is expected too be out of action for at least six to nine months.

This injury has put a hold on the feud that was just starting to expand between himself and Hunico who portrayed the imposter Sin Cara which was known as Sin Cara Negro.

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