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Sin and Punishment: A Flawed, but Worthwhile Shooter 0

With every generation of console games, there are always a few definitive games which, while classics, are never released outside of the land of the rising sun. Up until recently, Sin and Punishment was one such game. Coming out at the tail end of the lifespan of the Nintendo 64, the most exposure it had received until recently was within the hardcore gaming circle, within which it became a rather legendary game. Indeed, Sin and Punishment is yet another worthy shooter from critically-lauded de...

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A Treasure 3D-shooting masterpiece finally reaches the west. 0

Treasure is known among hardcore gamers for producing quality 2D-shooters with a sickening amount of detail.  The company is composed of former Konami vets, so they know how to make great side-scrolling games.  Gunstar Heroes is one of their most famous titles, but this classic fell under the radar due to it not being released in the U.S.  Instead we got the so-so Mischief Makers for N64.  Sin & Punishment leaves two dimensions behind and marks Treasure's transition to 3D games.  Some games ...

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The best shoot 'em up ever. Play this game! 0


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A timeless masterpiece...the epitome of true shooting action. 0

Any "core gamer" worth his salt by now knows the development history of Sin & Punishment, Treasure and Nintendo's N64 rail shooter made infamous by the lack of a Western release. But not all of them understand just how brilliant it truly is, the main reason for this being either that they never played it, or that they didn't practice enough to become competent at it and unlock the joy within.S&P holds at its heart traditional values that will have videogame veterans reminiscing on the da...

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Review: Sin and Punishment (WiiVC/N64) 0

10 years ago cult-favorite developer Treasure put out Sin & Punishment, an English voice acted on-rails shooter, for the Nintendo 64, but only made it available in Japan. It's the N64 game that I came closest to importing purely on the basis of how it looked and what I had read about how it played. There's a grandiose anime-inspired, more mature (for N64) storyline with StarFox-like action, but you control a person instead of a plane. It was a game that looked extremely desi...

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Sin and Punishment Review 0

Sin and Punishment: Inherit the earth is a Virtual Console N64 game for the Nintendo Wii that was released on October 1st 2007. Please note that this Review contanes no spoilers and preaty much no mention of the story in it's curent state. The Good: Verry fast verry fun , only $12.00 , Top notch sound and art desine The Bad: Should have been $10.00 Short as Hell the 2 player is throw away Sin and Punishment: Inherit the earth is a Virtual Console N64 game for the Nintendo Wii that wa...

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Sin and Punishment VC Review 0

 Sin and Punishment was originally released for the Nintendo 64 platform way back in the year 2000 in the land of the rising sun. Developed by Treasure and published by Nintendo the game was never released stateside for reasons which I cannot guess. Perhaps Nintendo thought it wouldn't do well in the American market back then but for whatever reason they have decided to give it a shot now 7 years later.Now my first impression of the game was a rather shocked one. I expected the game to be... wel...

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So good, we had to wait 7 years for it to be localized 0

I love Treasure. And for good reason. They come up with interesting game concepts, have some of the most amazing boss encounters, and their games are very arcadey in structure. All of that carries over here with Sin & Punishment, a fast paced, 3rd person rail shooter (think Star Fox on foot) that threw you into one heck of a ride through three acts in a winding, complex storyline, all with well done game mechanics and the before mentioned boss encounters.Only one problem. The game never made...

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Sin & Punishment a treasure for the N64 0

Treasure a developer who has brought so much to gaming. A developer who continues to innovate and release original titles on various systems. Yet a developer who has attracted recent attention in forums. The question being asked - Are Treasure over-rated? Play Sin & Punishment, before you answer that question. Immediate reactions point in the direction that Treasure have obviously been inspired by a combination of Space Harrier, Panzer Dragoon / Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Starfox. Sin & Pun...

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