There's one Sin multi-player CTF server left online!

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I'd suggest that everybody on Giant Bomb who owns a copy of this kind of classic FPS (it's available on Steam in a bundle with the first and only episode of the sequel for €9.99) start it up and join the last remaining Sin multi-player server out there, available at (it's also visible in the Steam Server browser if you change the filter to show Sin 1). Since it's playing CTF maps only, it's not all that great for 1on1 matches, and I've found no way to contact the server owners to change to a mode more suitable for lower player counts, if any of them are even alive 13 years after release. I kind of like to imagine there being a lone Pentium forgotten in an abandoned self-sustaining underground server hall, still happily hosting the Sin server it's former owners set up in 1998 who've never touched the machine since.

I occasionally jump in with a friend, but as I said, CTF isn't the best mode for only two players.

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UPDATE (despite nobody reading this)! The CTF server changed names to "noname", and ANOTHER server appeared just today - this time a deathmatch server, available at (also in the Steam Server Browser).

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Old game is fucking old!

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@AhmadMetallic said:

Old game is fucking old!

Not as old as, say, Doom and Quake which still have thriving online communities (also, it was released just a week before Half-life, and a year before the Half-life mod Counter-Strike which is still topping Steam's most played list just behind Skyrim).

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I would love for this to be part of a TNT

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Wow. I'm curious. But I have not the time.

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@SlimJimm said:

I would love for this to be part of a TNT

Someone, I think it was Jeff, mentioned it on the Bombcast a couple of weeks ago, seemed like he was the only one who played it though, so probably not enough people for an local TNT, and too few playing it online for an community TNT. The singleplayer campaign wasn't bad either though, probably worthy an episode of Random PC Game.

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